Infogrames sees Alone in the Dark selling 2-3 mln units

France's Infogrames expects to sell 2-3 million units of Alone in the Dark in its current fiscal year as it banks on the new high-adrenaline action game to boost revenue, its new head said on Thursday. Chief Executive David Gardner also told Reuters in an interview that his top priority was to return the loss-making company to break-even.

Gardner, who joined Infogrames in January, said he wanted to boost the contribution of the United States to global revenue and that he had not been approached by any potential buyer for the company.

"We want to stop losing money...This management's team number one goal is to get a business plan together that gets us to a break-even level."

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sonarus3844d ago

That is pretty confident considering no one is really talking about it.

Palodios3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

considering how much hype the other main players this quarter have been getting... gta, mgs, haze, mario kart, wii fit, it may get lost in the crowd. Although, with a relatively quiet summer (anything other than Ninja Gaiden?) a delay to july might be prudent. Its not like Silent Hill/ Resident Evil 5 are coming anytime soon.

Atomic3844d ago

this game is not as popular as other survival horror games
Resident Evil 4 sold around 4 millions on all versions
i expect AITD to sell around 1,5 millions copies, that's a more realistic number i think.

sonarus3844d ago

I agree. 3 million is a stretch even on all 5 consoles. I expect 360 sales to be the highest with maybe 400,000 ps2. Wii PS2 and PC may combine total to give them 700,000 and then ps3 will give them 200,000 at best. At least thats the way i see it. I don't see this game outselling army of two or dark sector for that matter

GODofDOOMS3844d ago

yeh but i am really hyped up for this game after seeing the tech demo video that tech demo was pretty awesome
people are just not talking about it because the developers or w/e aint releasing trailer and other stuff and we know nothing about it all we know it a horror game so i dont think it get 2-3million units only if it gets hyped up very good like assassin creed
either way im buying this game

PS360WII3844d ago

doable seeing that it's coming out for 3 consoles

Storm233844d ago

I hope it does sell that much. It looks really good.

Sevir043844d ago

It shoulkd gain the bulk of it's sales from 360 in US and the other bulk in Europe and UK from Sony. though i really only seeing this sell 1 million, but if you are able to break a million you're doing good this generation because their arent many games doing it.

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The story is too old to be commented.