4 Ways to Make DICE Games Even Better

Cinelinx : "I love the Battlefield series in almost every way. I have spent way too many hours in Battlefield 3, and before that I was playing Bad Company 2 and of course 1942(3). While I enjoy the series, I have to admit there are some glaring annoyances in the game which DICE should consider. Some would improve the game by a lot, while others would simply make for a more streamlined experience. Come inside to see the things I feel can be improved upon, and how it could be done.

Better Spawn Points"

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darklordzor2828d ago

I've never been the biggest FPS fan, but I have enjoyed what I've played of the Battlefield games. I just really want Star Wars Battlefront to be awesome. Seriously, that's all I really want.

elhebbo162827d ago

only thing I could think of :/

gamingfriend2827d ago

Would love dino mood, would add a little flare to the games, imagine 6 people online fighting off a tex would be pretty mental.

Tru_Blu2827d ago

I'd love to see it were insted of tanks, jeeps ect you ride on Dinos. Instead of guns have sling shots and spears lol 'you unlock the rapid fire slingshot'

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