PSN Leaked Document is True


"When we reported on the PSN Release Schedule leak story and the possible truth behind it, the dates and content listed were still only speculation. After recent revelations, it's now clear that the schedule is in fact true.

The leaked European document was always potentially credible due to the correct date given to Warhawk: Operation Broken Mirror. Thanks to our very own Kelsey Hart's digging into the Ratchet: Quest for Booty item on the list, further concrete reliability was added to the basket.

There were, however, some unlikely candidates - such as a Resistance 2 trailer, and a Lair Pack. These two have since been confirmed."

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EZCheez3932d ago

That we already knew this.

sonarus3932d ago

yea we all knew it was legit but it was essentially just an estimated release schedule. Socom has been moved to september from July and i am sure not all those games will come out at the dates shown on that list

fenderputty3932d ago

Even if it's a tentative list, it's better then not having any clue at all.

sonarus3932d ago

NO KZ2 release date on the list but i think R2 was listed on it for Nov

fenderputty3932d ago


zslash3932d ago

We knew this awhile ago. SCEE basically confirmed it was real. However, all of the dates on it are subject to change..

DRUDOG3932d ago

That info on the Lair pack isn't accurate. It is only being released in Japan on 17 Apr:

Also, Dark Mist hasn't been confirmed for the NA store. I believe that is only confirmed for EU. Japan has had it since the end of Feb.

techie3932d ago

DRUDOG - the presumption is that since the document has been validated, all items on it are correct, including the Lair Pack - which has actually been confirmed by SCEE to come on the 17th. The list is made using the leaked document, and presuming it's true (which has very very strong evidence)

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Farsendor13932d ago

what other features you think is going to be included in firmware 2.30?

i really don't think xmb that probably won't come out until home does.

SeanScythe3932d ago

XMB is coming in 2.40 it's been stated by sony already.

EZCheez3932d ago

I've noticed that they like to mention the COOL new features beforehand when it comes to firmware updates. I don't think they've ever surprised us with anything cool.

Premonition3932d ago

Isnt there suppose to be a first look at a resistance 2 trailer on G4 tomorrow? I cant wait.

IzKyD13313932d ago

im hoping that the resistance 2 teaser will show gameplay atleast

Sevir043932d ago

and we get The confirmed super stardust pack with New planets weapons enemies and bosses and theme songs aswell as online coop. I cant wait. That game is addictive along with warhawk operation broken mirror I'll be putting about 100 bucks into my credit card for the amount of purchases i'll be doing and downloading that week. I also wanna try out Dark Mist. and what ever else Sony gets from it's third party guys, Man i cant wait it's gonna be awesome, Faster store and new preview screen very intuitive sony, very intuitive, GTA and GT5 all in the same and Haze the following and MGS4. it's about damn time.

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The story is too old to be commented.