The Basics — Things that The Wii U Should Have Had at Launch, But are Still Missing

"This day and age, when a new console launches, we have come to expect certain things. These standards range from online features to system features and even games. Unfortunately, Nintendo may have missed the memo about these expected standards. There were many things that the Wii U should’ve had at launch that were absent; and many of these things have still gone unimplemented, even six months after launch." -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Fanboyssuck272821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

YAAAAAWWWWNNN! Just another repetitive suttle Wii U hate piece.
Nothing to see here, move along.....

Donnieboi2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Hate piece?!

It's by a website called "Nintendo Enthusiast"

It's Nintendo Fans like YOU who keep enabling, instead of wanting the Wii U to improve, that make other gamers (and fans of the former, pre-Iwata Nintendo) laugh. Nothing wrong with improvement. I like the portable's division of Nintendo, but clearly they need to work on the console division (if the want to survive the next gen console race).

Don't be an overzealous fanboy. Read before you post a comment.

marloc_x2820d ago

Love Wii U! Things are getting ironed out, games especially. I would like to see updates to how headsets are handled. Volume is quite low from my gamepad. Perhaps drive a wireless setup from the USB of my console? Will contact Nintendo though,(versus rants!).

dcj05242821d ago

How is this a hate piece?

Yep2821d ago

I mean... We're called Nintendo Enthusiast, not Nintendo Fanboy.

ape0072821d ago

wiiu had a rough beginning but now it looks to look better and better with pikimin and Wonderful 101

btw the wonderful 101 demo is AMAZING, better than i expected

sadly people just talk about console war and forget about great games like this

september, come GTA V and Wonderful 101 :)

paleselan2821d ago

You forgot Rayman Legends!

ape0072821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

opps, this one is a must buy on wiiu too, good gamepad integration

Dunban672821d ago

I purchased the wii U at launch and agree with everything in the article and could add a few more to the list

I am relatively new to gaming (3.5+/- years ago) and only began participating because I purchased a Wii (3.5 yrs ago) for my 4 yr old Son- then bought him a wii u at launch for his b day- Even though Nintendo slowed/stopped releasing games on the Wii not long after buying it- there were plenty to play from the existing library of 1st and 3rd party games-

Our experience w Nintendo was very good from the start and there is much we both enjoy about the Wii U- but the reality is we have played many more Wii games on the Wii u than Wii U games. It was clear the Wii U or supporting software/games were ready for launch in November 2012-

They should have waited to release the console- It seems to me that Nintendo has been so focused on the financial side of the business that they have taken many of their super loyal fans for granted by taking their eye off the "people side" of their business-

They are making pure business decisions w out factoring the important people/customer part- They have done little to "take care" of their most loyal and enthusiastic fans- the people/families that have purchased a Wii U to date

They have taken their time w releasing games, taken their time with the follow up patches for the OS, they have released VC/wiiware type games on the Wii U eshop even slower than the full retail games- When they released Earthbound, a much sought after game they upped the price $2 because they could- Nintendo has made many similar decisions... because they could- Instead of delivering a message like "thank you for your patience, as a reward we are finally making Earthbound available on the E shop (at the normal SNES price)" , they basically said: we know all of our Wii U owners have been starved for games and are desperate to buy anything good they can- we KNOW we can get more for it... so they did. I bought it and paid the extra $2 bucks- not a huge deal in terms of money- but that is the msg I received from Ninty (they are taking us for granted because they can) and that is the same msg I have been receiving from them since I purchased the Wii U-

There is much I like about Nintendo but I think they are making some big mistakes that will cost them more in the future than it might today- For a company that has been around for as long as they have, long term thinking, long term decisions are a big part of their history- The short term -"we can get away with this" quarter to quarter decision making is going to jeopardize Nintendo in form if not function

SAYGUH2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Exactly, their customer support is a joke. All they care about now is profits & cutting costs regardless of criticism, thereby forcing ppl to accept mediocrity. I mean I want them to do well & all but this not the way.

During the Wii generation I felt burned out because of no online or HD & alienating the core gamer. Hell the Gamecube gave me a better experience, they were on par with rivals & had good 3rd party games.

It just seems the market they are catering to is casuals, children, & rehashed exclusives. They need new blood, new philosophies, & such. When are they gonna make exclusives for adult gamers? (not referring to FPS)

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