Pokémon Rumble U review – gotta buy ‘em all | Metro

Metro: "Not just a terrible video game but one conceived purely out of greed and a contempt for its audience – not to mention the hapless parents guilted into furnishing Nintendo’s coffers."

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exfatal2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

wow is this review serious? sigh w.e each their own i guess

ZodTheRipper2284d ago

Your avatar says it all lol

thomasmiller2287d ago

If Microsoft or sony were to do any idea like this?? 10/10!! Brilliant!! blah blah blah! another troll story by a five year old cry baby.well what ever helps the trolls sleep at night!!

sincitysir12287d ago

Unless you're from a parallel universe you have no idea whether Sony making this game would be a 10/10. Maybe this reviewer is crap but you just sound like a baby.

thomasmiller2286d ago

No need for trolling, just reported you, have a nice day.

Panthers2287d ago

Pokemon spin offs are usually terrible. They need to just make a proper Pokemon console game.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2287d ago

Pokemon snap, Mystery dungeons, and Conquest are pretty solid titles.

Skate-AK2287d ago

Pokemon Colosseum wasn't too bad either.

AWBrawler2287d ago

i refuse to believe its a 1/10. thats reserved for broken, unplayable, buggy games

ZeekQuattro2287d ago

Very few games deserve a 1/10 especially not a game that's fun. Its not like you have to buy the figures to be able to play the game unlike Skylander which also happens to be a lot more money. If there is any truth to a few of the comments found on the site the author hates the Wii U in general and was looking for hits. People especially like to bash anything Pokemon. Other reviews make this out to be a average game which is fine by me but a score that low is just looking for traffic and it will probably pay off. I'm buying the game as I loved the old Wii version and have been a fan of Pokemon since Blue/Red.

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