Earthworm Jim Headed to XBLA & VC?

XBF writes: "...There's one simple way to build up capital quickly these days. Pimp out your game catalog via downloadable games. You can convert your games fast for Microsoft's XBLA or even faster for the Wii's Virtual Console (since the Virtual Console is running emulation software).

Could this happen? The outlook is good. We can't say anything for certain when it comes to games "possibly" coming to the Xbox LIVE Arcade, but in this case, everything adds up to a situation that seems to make sense. ..."

The article questions where the money for all the planned Interplay projects is coming from based on the company only have 6 million in profits to work with. It definitely makes sense.

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vgn243895d ago

This would be as awesome as when we got Sonic 1 & 2. *fingers crossed*

kingxtreme813895d ago

They should definitely put Earthworm Jim on XBL, PSN, and VC. I'm sure it would sell quite well across all three platforms.

Jinxstar3895d ago

I would love this so much....