DuckTales Remastered Review (MasonicGamer)

MasonicGamer: I don’t blame you for thinking otherwise but not every game based on a licensed property sucks, case in point being the original DuckTales on the NES. Developed then by Capcom, DuckTales was a colourful charming 2D platformer that wasn’t particularly complex but to quote the legendary William Shakespeare, “brevity is the soul of wit“. Basically the quote highlights the quality of being brief and concise which is what the original DuckTales was to me.

DuckTales was never intended to be the hardest game on the NES, it wasn’t even close to being the longest either but DuckTales was certainly one of the most enjoyable. Whilst many other games at the time were still trying to work out what made gaming fun, DuckTales already knew the answer. It involved smart level design, the minimizing of potential frustration and plenty of pogo’ing with Scrooge McDuck’s cane.

Whilst many fans of the original game will be quick to label DuckTales as an NES classic (and it is), we...

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