Dead Island developer opens Canadian branch to work on zombie game Dying Light

Techland opens Digital Scapes Studios in Vancouver to help with Dying Light.

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Abash2825d ago

The whole "city but still island-like" setting reminds me of House of Dead 2. As a hugge SEGA fan, that makes me want this game even more

GarrusVakarian2825d ago

Really impressed from the gameplay i saw. Looking forward to this.

dazzrazz2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Techland is riding on Dead Island success and this game from the 13 minute video looks just like it plus the parkour part. 2 bad they did a rehash for Riptide and when it comes to fixing game breaking issues they vanished

Salooh2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Don't like dead island but this looks awesome . Mirror edge gameplay in a dark and challenging zombieeess world where you can't kill everything lol ..

I'm worried about the story , Th character in that game is in dead island , it's like copy paste , even the watch and cloths are the same >.< . The story felt boring like hell in dead island , I hope they achieve at least far cry 3 level quality in the story..

When i saw the gameplay i knew that they are getting help , no way they could achieve something like the walkthrough without help . I hope they learn from it..

Valkyrieone2825d ago

This is what Dead Island should have been.

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