One Thing Pokémon and Ni no Kuni Can Take From Skyrim

How Pokémon and Ni no Kuni could benefit from Skyrim’s enemy leveling system.

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FlameHawk2825d ago

That would not work for Pokemon, it would absolutely ruin the game for people who want to get lower level Pokemon. And I'm sure if both games wanted to do it by now, they would have. Both games are fine and if Ni no Kuni wasn't already difficult lol.

admiralvic2824d ago


A lot of people like to get low level Pokemon and do specific things in order to make them the way they want. Finding nothing but level 99 Pokemon would make the game harder, but it would completely destroy a HUGE part of the game.

3-4-52824d ago

The way Pokemon works is just fine, it's supposed to be a more simple RPG, and it should stay that way.

2824d ago
Christopher2825d ago

I disagree. Two different systems.

A leveling system in Ni No Kuni would equate to a much needed revamp of the overall combat balance system with a ton more abilities needing balancing based on the player's level.

Furthermore, the style of leveling is supposed to operate in this manner to allow the player to advance by killing lesser enemies in order to more readily take on bosses that are challenging and difficult on purpose. With a player-derived system of levels, the bosses would have to be less capable overall and always capable of being defeated. It would require a complete change on the save system and more.

This one change would essentially change half of the mechanics of the game, which I think are perfectly fine as is and aren't just a copy of another game. It's good to have different systems for combat and leveling (as well as save progress). If everything were the same, games would all start to feel the same.

TwistedMetal2824d ago

they added hard mode in black 2 for those who wanted a challenge but you had to trade to get it. all they need is hard mode from the start. leveling system sounds cool and all but if they put that in pokemon it will have to be optional as some people just suck and are very young kids.

vakarian752824d ago

I found it weird because White 2 got an easy mode.

GenericNameHere2824d ago

Skyrim doesn't let you recruit monsters.

Ni No Kuni and Pokémon let you capture and train wild monsters.

Anyone with a brain should immediately know why having wild enemies that scales with your level in every area is a stupid idea. Beginning of the game should have weak monsters, middle of the game should have mid leveled monsters, end game should have really strong monsters, and post game areas should have the highest leveled monsters.

GenericNameHere2824d ago

Do the mods let the people/monsters you capture get stronger in different ways? Is the leveling up system as complex as Pokémon's EV/IV training? If Skyrim mods allows you to capture, but everyone's basically the same, then my point still stands.

Summons752824d ago

Yes and in games like pokemon and ni no kuni that fits perfectly. In Elder Scrolls having enemies scale makes sense because you don't want to walk into one area and be completely over powered then drastically under powered over the hill. TES is meant to go anywhere any level for the open world experience to work, some enemies are stronger some are not but limiting a player to specific areas in TES would make the point of the game pointless.

So yes doing this is pokemon/ ni no kuni is bad. Open world games like fallout or TES is good.

2824d ago
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