The 10 worst PSP games ever created

From the article:
''Even though the PSP is blooming with great titles lately there's always the bad apples that make it to every gaming platform. The following list of games should simply stay in the bargain bin or even better…the rubbish bin.''

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Max Power4818d ago

man i wish TMNT was like the ol' NES version then i would definitely buy it.

Hellgiver4818d ago (Edited 4818d ago )

Wow, that article was very boring. Each mini review averaged maybe 2-3 sentences and it didn't really give much insight into why they were so bad. He could have done better.

PSPSA4818d ago

I will honestly admit that the information provided to how poor the games are isn’t that descriptive. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to play around with them and in a way that's a good thing I guess. 5 Minutes of Golden Compass is enough to make anyone break the UMD. If I do however get around to playing these titles again I'll be sure to add some more information. Thanks for reading the article and providing valid feedback :)

kingOVsticks4818d ago

i actually didn't konw pro street suck i was just about to get it to :P

mr_potato4818d ago


''My mother shoulda never created me without a brain.''

Xlll4818d ago

couldn't have said it any better.

PSPSA4817d ago

Your opinion is your opinion, but I would be nice to keep it in the open zone section.

Asurastrike4816d ago

This is a stupid list. Of course all the worst games are tv show or movie games.