Why Does MGS4 Work? (And Why Does That Have Me Worried About MGS5?)

GeekParty's Shelby Reiches writes: "Metal Gear Solid 4 may not be as well-rounded an entry as its predecessor, Snake Eater, but it certainly stands as one of the most affecting games I’ve played in recent memory. No, it isn’t a Heavy Rain with realistic and sympathetic characters. It doesn’t have the subtle hand of BioShock Infinite. On the contrary, this is a game that takes a direct, even awkward, approach to its storytelling. At times, it goes beyond that and teeters on the brink of outright insanity."

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lildudexst2825d ago

have me worried to.I think he should stay on PlayStation and just keep how it is.we PlayStation fan and mgs fan know what really good with this game. Open world like wtf you thinking you game is not made for open world smh.

dcj05242825d ago

Hideo is trying to keep it fresh. Doesn't want to make MGS 4.7. It's on XBOX because they need more money. Can't afford exclusivity to break even with the cost to make the game.

gamedebater2825d ago

They could do a timed exclusive but nobody ever does that...

JunioRS1012824d ago

Well they should at least make it Next Gen exclusive...

Yeah, I know how small the install base would be etc. etc. but I also know that the game would be bigger and better if it were exclusive to next gen consoles.

I'm a diehard MGS fan, I've played and beaten every MGS playstation title.

This cross-gen, cross-platform business is just too out of character for the franchise.

adventureghost1242824d ago

The creators of metal gear solid need money? No, all of the mgs games sold beautifully maybe not the handheld titles but definitely the console titles he wants to westernize that is why it is on the Xbox One, and 360, that's why he is replacing his voice actor, and that may have even been the reason it's an open world instead of the old style mgs game. I hate to say it butit for the first time ever I'm losing faith in Kojima

Salooh2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

So far everything looks stunning , but i agree , they should have stayed in ps4 because that way they focus on making the game not porting it to ps3/360/X1. I know it's something meaningless to you but i feel that the magic of MGS disappeared when i knew it's coming to xbox but the trailers gave me hope again and made me get over that..

EdoubleD2825d ago

I wouldn't be worried. I think the game is going to be fine.
So what if it's open world, that just means more freedom, strategies for infiltration etc.

thelaughingwiseman2825d ago

Cutscenes! Cutscenes! Cutscenes! It's a cutscene's extravaganza!!! You get a cutscene! You get a cutscene, you all get a cutscene!

Neckbear2825d ago

"No, it isn’t a Heavy Rain with realistic and sympathetic characters"


Timesplitter142825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

personally, I think MGS5 looks more promising than MGS4. The setting is more exciting, the story looks more intriguing, the open-world with day/night cycle will make the game much more fun to play... etc

I loved MGS4 but it had some flaws, that's all

Tdmd2825d ago

Agree. I've been wishing it went open world since MGS3! I trully believe this will be the best MGS yet!

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