Rocksmith 2014: Say it Ain't So

IGN - Rhythm guitar on Weezer's Say It Ain't So at highest difficulty setting.

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Godlovesgamers2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I have Rocksmith and a TON of the DLC and I've gotta say, first impression after watching this vid of Rocksmith 2014 is unimpressive and I have a sneaking suspicion that they haven't addressed the real issues plaguing this potential hit, which are:

1. Lag issue with HDMI
2. Note detection (especially arpeggios at high tempo)

Overall I think the vid/presentation of this game looks impressive and I hope Rocksmith 2014 turns out to be more than just fixing the glaring and annoying problems with the first game.

And Ubisoft, quit marketing this game as though it replaces a guitar teacher, it doesn't. This game can't critique how cleanly you play, proper right and left hand technique (which are critical in the advancement of guitar playing), as well as improvisation, application of scales to song writing, soloing and of course diatonic harmony.

Rocksmith is a GREAT, GREAT tool for guitar practice and in most cases a good way to learn new songs, but it is in NO way a replacement for a good guitar teacher.

toymachinesh2816d ago

>Lag issue with HDMI

I use HDMI and I have no lag. Did you follow the instructions that come with the game?

Godlovesgamers2816d ago

Yeah I went through the instructions in regards to the lag issue and on nearly every song it's a non issue, but whenever I play "Don't fear the reaper" (which I can play flawlessly outside of the game) I can't get it past the 80% range no matter how perfectly or in time I play, it's infuriating and I'm actually to the point where I've just given up wasting anymore time on it.

toymachinesh2815d ago

Well DFTR is tricky, are you sure that it might not be your guitar? Have you checked the intonation and all that stuff? Lots of people are able to master that song...

tripper1822820d ago

Agreed. I use it to practice songs and styles i typically don't do.. helps keep practice on the entertaining side. But you almost need a teacher to start with.