Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Open Beta Starts with Overwhelming Load and a Challenge

Today at 2 AM Pacific time the open beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn started, at least for those that fulfilled one of more of the conditions for early entrance to the testing, while Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida issued a small challenge.

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ashiksorel2517d ago

Time to make them characters!! I look forward to the future of this game with future content as well.

Abriael2517d ago

That's if your server of choice is open :D

ScubbaSteve2516d ago

My friend had to keep reloading the server list till he could join my server but he eventually got in.

ajames3472517d ago

Me too! I can't wait to see what kind of future content we'll get.

Abriael2517d ago

First thing is gonna be the Crystal tower, raid zone. Can't wait for that.

Keith Olbermann2517d ago

Preordered ps3 version from amazon. Cant wait. Gonna get ps4 version when that is released.

HammadTheBeast2517d ago

I wish it didn't have the sub fee, I like the game from what I've played in the past 2 weeks beta, but I don't think I can put in the effort or time to justify the monthly sub. They'd get way more sales with a standard fee.

greyhaven332517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

I personally don't have a problem paying what basically amounts to 40 something cents a day for something I enjoy. I am happy it's not f2p or p2p

Blasphemy2516d ago

I just started but I can already tell the game is soooo much better then it was then when it first came out. They actually have a real tutorial now LOL.

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Goldenarmz2517d ago

Are people on PS3 able to play with people on PC or is ps3 players only going to be with ps3 players and pc with pc?

Abriael2517d ago

yep, it's cross platform, PS4 too when it'll be released next year. Everyone's on the same servers.

Goldenarmz2517d ago

Sweet! one of my friends is getting it for PC but i kinda wanna get it for PS3 instead. So well still be able to play together.

Biggest2517d ago

You seem to be up on the news, Abriael.

Was I correct in thinking that characters used from beta 1-3 would be erased? Is that for new characters only?

I ask because my legacy character is still lvl50 with all its worn gear. I'd love to keep my guy, but I don't want to get my hopes up only to have them dashed in a few weeks.

Jikla2516d ago

@biggest. You keep your legacy character at release I'm sure of that. But I think I've read that if everything goes as planned you will keep your beta char at early release.

Biggest2516d ago

Much appreciated, Jikla.

Give a /wave if you run past Biggest on the Hyperion server.

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crazyeightz2517d ago

Saw a lot of news about this game lately. I might be interested in trying but before I do, is there any subscription based fee to play it?

Bhuahahaha2517d ago

yeah i really want to play this one too. but that 13 bucks +$60 or 40 for the game is to much for me already. yup $13 isnt a big deal but add it up to several other monthly bills will really gonna hurt my wallet.

AirJohnston2517d ago

I got an email a few weeks ago saying I got accepted into the PS3 beta and they said they would send me a message when it goes up, but I haven't gotten anything from them since.

Abriael2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

If the mail was really acceptance, it should have included a link for you to register and the relevant codes. Otherwise it wasn't acceptance, but just proof of registration.

Tomorrow's gonna be open for everyone anyway.

Reborn2517d ago

So tomorrow, a DL will be on PSN store, for all? I got the promotion code, currently playing it, but I wanted to know for those who didn't get a promotion code.


AirJohnston2516d ago

Yeah I just found it yesterday, unfortunately I'm visiting my brother until Monday so I don't even know if I'll be able to play it............................ .........

dcj05242517d ago

Stop teasing me );. I have to cancle my pre-order because $13 a month is too much. Dom you Square. This was my most anticipated game.

Kyosuke_Sanada2517d ago

Troll much, most of the recent articles about Final Fantasy have you saying the same thing.

Can't pay the fine then you won't enjoy the time.....

dcj05242517d ago

Yeah. I'm a troll because I'm sad I can't afford the monthly fee of one of my most wanted games. I think I commented on 1 other one saying the same thing. To each their own. Have a nice day.

e-p-ayeaH2517d ago

you pay for quality pal.

modesign2516d ago

Explain planet side 2. Free memo that is one of the greatest looking MMOs

worldwidegaming2517d ago

Just pay for a few months. Or just a month. Who says you need to pay every month! Enjoy life while you can!

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