Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse out September 3rd, Pre-Orders Get the Genesis Version Free

Giving a release date to the "complete re-imagining" of the original 1990 game, Sega has announced that Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse will come to the PlayStation Network (and XBLA and PC) next month.

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3-4-52831d ago

I think more companies, if possible, should include versions of old games like this and Ducktales.

Wedge192831d ago

Still on the fence... perhaps it'll end up as a Plus free game sometime in the future? or at least a steezy Plus discount. Yup. Steezy.

2831d ago
GryestOfBluSkies2831d ago

i was much more excited about this game than i was for duck tales... having the original is a nice bonus

Williamson2831d ago

Totally going to pre order this game, the fact we can get the orignal version as soon as we do the pre order is just awesome!

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