Infinity Ward: PC Call of Duty Will Look Better Than Next-Gen One

The PC version of November's Call of Duty Ghosts will be getting a little extra development love, according to the game's executive producer, Mark Rubin. As a result, it is probably going to be the best-looking version of the game, which has not been a given with this series.

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vigilante_man2522d ago

All depends what PC specs you have...

GamerSciz2522d ago

True but I can imagine this game being nearly as demanding as BF4 with the Frostbite 3 engine. I mean this engine is still the same one from MW/COD4 but it's been upgraded and modified but the foundation is still the same.

Utalkin2me2522d ago

Thats clearly the same with every engine. The Unreal 3 engine still has code from the original unreal engine that debut in 1998. But what sets other engines apart is how much they modify and code for efficiency. Where as i don't think they do as much with the IW engine.

KazHiraiFTW2522d ago

Don't believe the hype it's the same engine they used to make Quake 3 in the late 90's. Graphics will be hideous and more importantly the gameplay will be exactly the same as the last 8 years which means it will be generic crap not worth spending $60 on.

CerebralAssassin2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )


halo has been the same halo since launch.

battlefield has been the same battlefield since the beginning.

Killzone is the same killzone.

whats your point man. They have an engine that works and hasnt stopped working. Why would they risk scrapping a functioning engine for something that might work? Im not sure why people are expecting something totally different out of a fucking shooting game. The only thing that can change in a game like this is first person or third person. Other then that, they just add more icing to the cake.

Daoshai2521d ago


My god, you hipsters that hate a video game are truly pathetic.

Ritsujun2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

CA and DS are mad.

KazHiraiFTW2521d ago Show
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Benjammin252522d ago

How does this make any sense? I mean, yeah PC is obviously more powerful but Ghosts is barely pushing the PS4 or Xbox One 1 hardware. Surely if they had the time to make the PC version look better than consoles, they had the time to make the Console versions look better than that.

Neonridr2522d ago

PS4 is using a graphics card that doesn't even push the numbers that my 2 year old Radeon 7870 pushes. So I don't expect how you think the PS4 or XB1 versions would look better than the PC version.

cyborg472522d ago

When they can get maximum profits with minimum efforts, why work hard and revolutionize the engine? Not that I'm insulting IW or anything, but they really don't need to push their engine. Majority of the COD fan base won't give a damn about the engine improvements anyway. Activision is in control, remember ;)

HammadTheBeast2522d ago

And to the top we have another "PC master" who's mother probably got him a a graphics card, who doesn't have a single clue about how console and PC architecture work.

Benjammin252522d ago

Jesus, how did so many people misunderstand what I was trying to say? All i'm saying is the PS4 and Xbox One versions should look better than that. Obviously I don't expect them to look better than the PC version.

ritsuka6662522d ago

Radeon 7870 '

PS4 uses a 7850 midle range GPU Radeon.

awi59512522d ago


When it comes to graphics cards there is very little difference between PC gpu and console GPU. The numbers are the numbers they do vary by in game performance but yea PS4 has a 7850 gpu that flop rates and clock speeds are slower than the 6870.

starchild2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Fanboys are blind. I don't even plan to buy Call of Duty Ghosts, but fanboys are making it sound like it looks horrible when that simply isn't true.

Call of Duty Ghosts doesn't look quite as good as Killzone Shadow Fall, but it's not that far behind and it runs at twice the framerate. I can guarantee they are using the full capabilities of the consoles as best they can right now.

xKugo2522d ago

I don't think they care about the console versions looking markedly worse than they should and why should anyone care anyway. The game looks like shit and to be quite honest, no amount of engine recoding and optimization is going to change that. The game is nothing to marvel at...actually, it's nothing to even be proud of. It's an old tired look and frankly doesn't even deserve to be called next-gen but it whatever. Anyway, the only reason they are changing the PC version is because the PC community has been vocal about it's unhappiness with parity between it and the current-gen consoles, despite their vastly improved specs. So yea...they're only changing it because PC players were tired of getting shafted.

H0RSE2521d ago

"PS4 uses a 7850 midle range GPU Radeon."

No, it doesn't...

The PS4 uses a custom built, integrated, AMD GPU based off the Radeon architecture. PC and other tech sites use cards like the 7850 as a reference point for testing and discussion, because based off specs, its pretty close.

There actually isn't an existing equivalent on the market, due to the card being custom built for PS4. In addition, the way the components of the PS4 work together and process information, differs from that of a PC. And as I mentioned, the card is integrated, not a standalone dedicated card like you would find in a gaming PC.

LocutusEstBorg2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

It's not about the in-game graphics. The exact same game without any graphical improvements will look vastly superior on PC.

The mere output quality from a PC is far superior than on a console. The rendering quality on a console is automatically inferior with poor filtering and jaggies.

livininsin2521d ago

H0RSE is right, it doesn't use a 7850. It'll end up being weaker than a 7850 graphics-wise. Why? Because a chunk of the GPUs processing power will be dedicated to physics. Why? because the CPU is weak.

Mini05102520d ago

ok.... by your logic, if IW makes the xbo and ps4 versions even better, then PC will still be better that.

I don't know why you don't see this. Graphics PCwith better hardware than console should look better than consoles

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Corpser2522d ago

But ps4 is a high end pc with 8gb of gddr5! It can't max out a pc version CoD game?


Interesting we already seeing parity in the beginning of a new console cycle

Qrphe2522d ago

"Interesting we already seeing parity in the beginning of a new console cycle "

Like we always have.

thezeldadoth2521d ago

all multiplats will look better on a PC. Why do people keep thinking that this generation will be different somehow.

Not just an expensive PC either, any mid-range PC from 2011-2012, high end cards from 2010 even will run games higher setting than PS4.

This isn't news, this isn't a new idea, move on, write about something else.

awi59512520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

The PS4 isnt high end at all actaully its low end. The gpu is dirt cheap you can get one that matches it for 150 dollars the cpu is total crap any 99 dollar PC quad core or Hex core will perform better. And since the cpu is so slow the gpu is going to take a big hit when it comes to physics and A.I. I bet boarder lands 2 with full physics turned on wouldnt even run on these consoles. And man dice has its work cut out for it on BF4 i bet consoles particle effects and physics will have to be towned down for the weak cpu's they arent nearly fast enough no matter how much you optimize it. Its going to cause lag,frame drops, or they will have to drop the quality of the effects to make it fit because you cant put that type of real time effects on such a slow cpu no matter how you cut it.

I would expect microsoft to cheap out on the cpu but not sony. Both companies are crazy they made entry lvl PC's then made the Noob mistake of putting in a crap CPU. And unlike PC you cant fix their mistake by buying a new CPU. This will hurt games down the line and will hold back PC gaming once again. Because developers will be programming for these slow CPUs and all the great Physics,particls, and A.I will be dumbed down on PC games that are multiplatform.

AlexanderNevermind2522d ago

That's great and all but I play my MP shooters on console. Even if I get Ghosts it will be on the PS4. I love my PC and I play my RPG's and Single Player games(ie Skyrim, Metro LL etc). Still great for the PC to finally get some love from next Gen Developing.

KazHiraiFTW2522d ago

Why the f**k would you play MP games on console with a clunky gamepad and 30 fps? It should be the opposite. I play SP games that are exclusive to console such as Naughty Dog games (that's about it) and everything else on PC. BF3 @ 1440p 60fps FTW.

BF3 or any other MP games @ 720p 30fps trying to aim with a thumbstick with massive input lag just makes me cringe...uuuhhhhh...I think I may have nightmares tonight. And ppl actually pay money for that garbage...

RickHiggity2522d ago

@Kaz. Because he just preffers it. No real need for an argument here. Surely, him having different prefferences doesn't bother you THAT much.

Plyzz2521d ago

Apparently, a lot of stuff bothers this guy ._.

aquamala2522d ago

well if a PC with Radeon 7850 (very similar to PS4's GPU) can use these PC assets then I don't know why PS4 can't.

LAWSON722522d ago

Thanks genius for spreading common knowledge. I highly doubt people think their integrated HD 4000 is going to run this max settings with 60 fps/1080p.

VaporCell2522d ago

Well then I guess this PC version of COD is gonna be better looking than planetside 2 and the witcher 3 right??? If I remember correctly both of those games were already confirmed to be graphically equal on both PS4 and PC...

BaronVonRhett2522d ago

Your treading on thin ice with a comment like that...

VaporCell2522d ago

wow you obviously missed the point there buddy

VaporCell2522d ago

Lol @ the disagrees...So you guys are saying the PS4 is capable of rendering PlanetSide 2 and The witcher 3 just like a PC but not COD ghost? really? Just because IW decided to make the PC version of higher quality it doesn't mean the PS4 Isn't capable of doing it guys are clown

Gameratheart2521d ago

If a developer wants to, they can have the pc versions of games look way better than the ps4/x1 versions.... Because there are graphics cards for pc's that are 5x more powerful... Simple really.

VaporCell2521d ago

@gameratheart the point is that we are talkign about call of duty really...Just like Sourav93 said below, the nextgen version of bf4 will look better than the PC version of COD.

clrlite2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

There is logic in your comments that seems to have been ignored.

The PS4 uses proprietary technology and a unique bus configuration.

Like you mentioned, the Witcher 3 and Planetside are probably going to look fantastic, which is kind of a subjective thing, unless maybe we're speaking technically, which a lot of these people tend to forget.

Also the fact that people are using a comment by IW to back up their opinions about what "version will look better" is kind of hilarious given COD track record.

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sourav932521d ago

Yet the next gen console version of BF4 will look better than the PC version of Ghost.

thezeldadoth2521d ago


any mid-range card from 2011 onward will look better than the ps4.

Shadonic2521d ago

So the cardboard box my modem came in should work for my graphics card at least for COD right ?

Gamer19822521d ago

I will love to see this as I am not doubting PC hardware blows next gen away and games like BF4 and the like will look so much better on PC than nex gen consoles. However COD on PC in past games have looked freaking terrible.. I mean so bad they have looked as good as the console version even at max settings as they are badly made PERIOD as they are bad console ports.. Time will tell but I wouldn't hold my breath and I think this is a shot to PC gamers as COD may beat BF in the console market but in the PC market BF destroys COD.

Rageanitus2521d ago

PC gaming has always been ahead, and usually by a fair margin in terms of "power".
Just look at EVERY pc gaming rig you need alot of space for cooling. Having said that look at the PS4 and xbox they are similar in size vs the standard slims of this gen.

Don't get me wrong a $400> 500 console will be quite decent on launch just by direct price to performance ratio (maybe cuz both MS and Sony will take a loss selling the console). I am still confident that PC gaming rig between $900 > $1200 can blow away the next gen consoles.

Plus ppl who usually play on PC's have no problem in dishing out this kindov dough.... after all a PC can do alot more than a console in terms of other things than gaming.

Rageanitus2521d ago

Not really, all the COD's that we have seen year after year are REALLY optimized. In all honesty the COD engines are made to be decent enough so they can release the game year after year (not the best looking engine but good enough to please MOST ppl)

I just hope next gen we will finally see all games at 1080p above 45 FPS (its really not that difficult for PCS to do that at mid range level)

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NatureOfLogic2522d ago

Good thing I'm skipping COD next-gen. The graphics are already lackluster and then they basically say the consoles versions look like shit compared to PC. BF4 all the way now. Thanks for making my decision much easier IW.

Benjaminkno2521d ago

This video game forum is a bit ironic though right?

thezeldadoth2521d ago

BF4 will look better on PC too.

Gamer19822521d ago

BF4 is gonna look awesome on my new PC with Haswell and 7970.. Decided on that rather than nex gen consoles.. I reckon I can easily get 60fps too at ultra considering I get over 90fps on BF3 right now average and it peaks over 120fps..

Rageanitus2521d ago

Dont know why so much hate against COD. Yes agreed they are milking it... but just like not to long ago we went through a phase of playing MANY ww2 type games.

Haters should get over it, because ppl do desire these types of games hence the reason why companies are keep making them.

Ppl keep saying battlefield this and battlefield that will beat out COD, but I can give my opinion on battlefield.

YES Battlefield looks MUCH better than COD and thats all it is in the end for me.

I find that the Battlefield games the single player campaign I feel that the AI is cheating much more than COD. Furthermore the events seem much more scripted than COD. Yes COD has a simple algorithm keep spawning AI and rush them towards you but that is what makes it a nice action game.

In terms of multiplayer, COD has kept at a very HIGH stable frame rate, making playing COD much more engaging. Remember the days of Quake 3 where ppl used to reduce the detail on screen just to get maximum frame rates so they can have a higher competitive edge.

PraxxtorCruel2522d ago

I never saw COD as a graphically amazing game, rather I thought it was always the gameplay that made it so much fun.

shivvy242522d ago

I dont like its gameplay for some reason , prefer killzone and battlefield

Muffins12232522d ago

Killzone liked for gameplay?Thats a first lol

Gemmol2522d ago

lol I agree with Muffin its weird seeing anyone saying they like Killzone gameplay..

NukaCola2522d ago

Hey guys we can all admit Killzone 2 has a unique and enjoyable MP mode. BTW yiu see KZ Mercs? Oh boy!

shivvy242521d ago

Yea I prefer the mechanics in killzone Better , yea you dont hear it often but I really like it

peowpeow2521d ago

I prefer KZ2 over many multiplayer FPS games, but BF still takes my cake

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Johnsonparts232522d ago

I agree. And in general, graphics are not a huge aspect when it comes to such a fast paced game. The gameplay of COD is still top notch. And I only play FPS's on PC so I'm excited.

Prcko2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

battlefield 4 all the way
destruction,levolution,beauti full graphics,vehicles...