TSC Reviews: Ibb & Obb: A family affair

TheSameCoin review the latest PS3 indie offering Ibb and Obb

Ibb and Obb is a strange beast. In a world where developers are trying to find the path that will lead them to the biggest pot of gold – whether that be the new wave of morphing any existing IP into a MOBA or the old style ‘Let’s make an MMO!’ – the devs at Sparpweed set out to make the game that they wanted to make. It is obvious that the world needed more games with proper co-op opportunities. There are lots of co-op games but few that are actually designed with co-op as a core mechanic and less still that have it as the main package and not an optional mode. It was a ballsy and risky move but one that deserves to be rewarded in spades.

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