Plague of game dev harassment erodes industry, spurs support groups

The greatest threat to the video game industry may be some of its most impassioned fans. Increasingly, game developers are finding themselves under attack by some of the very people they devote their lives to entertaining. And this growing form of gamer-on-game-developer cyber harassment is starting to take its toll.

Developers, both named and those who wish to remain anonymous, tell Polygon that harassment by gamers is becoming an alarmingly regular expected element of game development. Some developers say the problem was among the reasons they left the industry, others tell Polygon that the problem is so ubiquitous that it distracts them from making games or that they're considering leaving the industry.

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steve30x2821d ago

Some gamers just don't care. They think of themselves and think because they pay for a game they have a right to make a developers life miserable. In most other jobs this wouldn't be allowed to happen by the people who pays the salaries because its just not right. If a boss started making their workers jobs as miserable as gamers makes a developers life miserable then the boss would be sued by said workers.

no_more_heroes2821d ago

and yet these are the same people who deny that they're entitled little sh*ts.

zerocrossing2821d ago

The state the current industry is in dosent really help matters either, it's a breading ground for complainers.

The only time I ever complained to a dev directly was to Gearbox's Randy Pitchford in regards to the abyssal state Aliens: CM was in at release, and even then I was polite to him.

So it is true that those abusive childish coments need to stop, but consumers have every right to complain if they feel unsatisfied when a purchase fails to meet an acceptable standard.

ravinash2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Nothing wrong with complaining as long as it's constructive and with respect.

Unfortunately there are just a bunch of cry babies who think they can say what ever they want and think they can get away with it.

NEWS FOR THESE PEOPLE - if you abuse the person who created the game you love so much, they are probably going to leave and work somewhere else and then you won't have you beloved game any more. So you will only be hurting your self!

iamnsuperman2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

It is a consequence of social media. Developers can easily be contacted by your average joe which makes it easier for these developers to get hate mail.

It speaks of the people who think hate and threatening developers is okay. It even happens between gamers online with "I will rape you comments". I do not know what goes through these peoples heads. Sure your name isn't on the account but that doesn't make it alright. If you have a criticism make a valid argument and do it in a non threatening way. It isn't funny or clever

I think I speak to a lot of gamers when I say; you bring us down, you make our developers want to quit, you are hurting our industry. You are not welcome

hankmoody2821d ago

It just makes me sad that people think all gamers are the type to threaten industry people when they hear these kinds of stories.

Discod992821d ago

These devs put years of hard work into their games. Idiots that constantly critisize and abuse them should just go to hell.

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sovietsoldier2821d ago

it can go both way with developers getting lots of praise and support and the other side them getting lots of hate and no support.

some studio's are setup to where they get them self's in trouble by the way they conduct business and communicate with customers.

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