Rumor: Super StarDust HD add-on coming with new PS Store.

If you visit this blog regularly you know that Sev1512, gets some insider tips every now and again.

Well just recently I got some info on what is coming to the newly redesigned PS Store.

Most of you know about GT5:Prologue, Operation: Broken Mirror, the Rock Band DLC, and the Call of Duty 4 Map packs that are on the way.

But one tidbit, that most of you dont know, is that there is some add-on content coming for the highly acclaimed PSN title Super StarDust HD. I do not know at this time what exactly is in this add-on.

As of right now, file this one under "RUMOR" until we get some more concrete info.

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still the worst3896d ago

this well be good
i haven't played this game in a while

sonarus3896d ago

If it includes online coop, i will buy

MikeGdaGod3896d ago

this is one of my favorite PSN games.

i'm hoping for new weapons and new planets.

blusoops3896d ago

online co-op is exactly what i've been waiting on! That and some expansion planets!

Sev3896d ago

I would love some online co-op for this. As I for some reason suck at this game. Strange though, because I am great at Everyday Shooter, which most people complain is more difficult.

thor3896d ago

If it's any consolation I pretty much suck at both XD

DevonTheDude5353896d ago

I noticed this the other day I played SSD-HD with my new DS3. There was a new section in the main menu of the game, Downloadable content which was empty, so yea it's confirmed if there is a section of the main menu for future dlc

Sev3896d ago

Thanks bro. Since I didnt have a source for the info, I had to mark it as a RUMOR.
If I went around saying. THIS IS FACT SSHD expansion is coming out, people would ask for proof.
I cant divulge my source, so in the rumor section it goes.

Sevir043896d ago

I would welcome another 5 planets and some new weapons and bosses and enimeis and some pretty goos theme songs as well. I love this game to bed it freakin rocks

Sev3896d ago

Hey, I really like the first 3 letters of your name...... LOL

Sevir043896d ago

actually Sev is my real name, i just tacked on the "ir" because it sounded cool.

Sev3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Thats very cool. Sev is my lifelong nickname, short for my last name.

I got it because there was 2 Anthonys in my elementary school grade. So he got nicknamed Millis, and I was nicknamed Sev.

It stuck all through High School, and into my adult life as well, just not as much.

On a side note, did you know that Killzone 2's main protagonist's name is Sev?

Jim Crowslaw3896d ago

New weapons pleaseeeeeeee. i ove this game, im ranked like 200 in the world.

Sev3896d ago

Thats pretty awesome.

I remember when MK2 first came out, for a short while, I was #1 in the world/USA
That feeling was incredible, but short lived, as I am probably not even in the top 10K now.

Get over here!!!!

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