PSX Extreme reviews Sprint Cars 2: Showdown at Eldora

Ben Dutka reports:
''While racing games have grown immensely popular over the years, the lesser known events still don't get a lot of attention. THQ has made another attempt at producing an entertaining and engaging video game based on dirt-track races, which means we get plenty of variety en route to the Showdown at Eldora. There's everything from Pro Stock and Modifieds to Sports Fantasy Cars, plus 27 different tracks, 10 different vehicle types, and multiple gameplay modes, so that should be enough...right? Well, provided Big Ant Studios provides us with a solid physics mechanic, we figured we'd be good to go. Perhaps surprisingly, Sprint Cars 2 isn't a bad title, and if you're a big fan of the dirt races, this might be worth looking into. However, there are several crucial gameplay flaws that only serve to detract from the overall fun factor, and that's an issue. Essentially, we get a functional title that can be both erratic and frustrating, but perhaps you're capable of exhibiting a great deal of patience and a good feel for the virtual wheel.''

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