Check Out Half a Hour of Monster Hunter 4 Content With the Video from the Early Experience Meeting

apcom held an “Early Experience Meeting” for Munster Hunter 4 in Japan between last Saturday and Sunday, and we finally get to partake in the “experience” yourself with a half a hour long video showcasing the event.

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ashiksorel2832d ago

Oh sweet MH4 footage. I love this series and games like it too.

Abriael2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Me too, even if honetsly this one seems a bit muddy for a 2013 game... we'll see. Otherwise God Eater 2 here i come.

HarvesterOSarow2832d ago

Wow, confirmed fucking QTE movie sequences while hunting monsters. Count me out of here. This game is the opposite of what I want in a MH game.