Call of Duty: Ghosts has 30 changes

GR - "If you guys are ready, I'll just go ahead and rundown each change."

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TekoIie2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Some of these are just a joke. I mean putting the kill feed in a different corner of the HUD shouldn't have to be acknowledged as a change...

Although there's a fair few which are nice. Like when you knife someone your stuck in position for a second :)

TAURUS-5552820d ago

call of duty 4 was my first game on the its time yto maintain that of duty ghosts will be my first PS4 game

TekoIie2820d ago

This COD definitely looks fun.

I'm liking the detail on the weapons, quantity of new weapons, character customization and freedom offered in how to gain xp.

SP looks like it'll be much more varied thanks to Riley too :D

USA0072820d ago

I agree, some of these "changes" are not changes. How is point streaks returning a change?

Robdeagle2819d ago

Exactly how they get away with making the same game every year.

I used to love COD but each year they seem to disappoint me more and more.

They keep adding ways to make more and more money in the game than actually taking the time to fix it.

Lag and spawning ruined BLOPs 2 for me.

3-4-52820d ago

COD games are fun. Each one is slightly less fun though because of the minimal changes.

I've owned them all and still love the series, but I tried BF3 recently, and I will be sticking with BF4 for the near future.

IT just offers more of a gameplay style I'm looking for.

Robdeagle2819d ago

Like all out warfare. Tanks, jets, copters, jeeps, mountains/terrain, destruction, great gameplay, and so on.

I share the same experience as you.

josephayal2820d ago

Call of Duty games are perfect

inf3cted12820d ago

The crap I unloaded yesterday was more perfect than this.

SuperBazza2820d ago

That's... that's really sad to read.

guitarded772820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I don't want to sound like a typical hater, but from what I saw in the MP reveal, it's the same old spawn, kill, die, rinse, repeat formula. I don't expect them to completely change the game, but it's just a twitch shooter with a military skinning. I like my military shooters to have a more realistic pace as opposed to paintball with a GI Joe look. Every game type in CoD rewards players for playing Team Deathmatch... even if it's a CTF or zones scenario. So you have a broken game outside of deathmatch and team deathmatch. The killstreaks are overpowered, and the fast respawn leaves no consequence to death. I only play because my best friend plays, and he lives in another state, so that's how we hang out. If not for that, I'd be done with it. I really wish they'd at the very least make it more... more... more not CoD.

ZBlacktt2820d ago

A change to me is what Ubisoft did with Assassin's Creed from AC3 down to what AC4 Black Flag has become. Sure many are unaware. But for those who are very aware. You know what I mean. Watching that COD online match video. Nothing about that said this is new. But again, not sure what all you can do with a small map FPS.

Neixus2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I don't play cod, but the worst changes must be the removal of theatre mode, and addition of corner peaking.

Corner peaking just promote more camping, and as fast as the gameplay is paced, you'll have no chance if you're running down an hallway and only the campers arm and head is sticking out.

Theatre mode was one of the few pros with cod aswell, i don't see why they remove it, to be honest :S

Battlefield for me anyways, can't wait =D

TekoIie2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I understand removing it for 7th gen versions but next gen? Im pretty sure Xbox1, PS4 and even Wii U could handle it.

guitarded772820d ago

Well, next-gen really isn't the problem since PS4 and XBOX One have gameplay recording, so maybe they figured it wasn't a necessity moving forward.

TekoIie2820d ago


I actually forgot about that. Now it makes sense thinking about it :)

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