ZTGD | DuckTales Remastered Review

Drew Leachman writes: I would hope that everyone reading this review has at least heard of DuckTales. If you haven’t, please minimize this review and go find an episode to watch. Now that you’re back from that, let me begin by saying when I was a little kid, I played the DuckTales NES game to death. I absolutely loved it. When WayForward announced that they were remaking the classic title, I did a back flip. My neck is still recovering from the failed attempt, but needless to say, I was really excited. My excitement was not in vain. DuckTales Remastered is an amazing trip back down memory lane.

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worldwidegaming2824d ago

Heard people are getting slayed on this.
If you die on the boss its back to the beginning of the stage.
Sounds like fun!

Neonridr2824d ago

welcome back to the world of 80's & early 90's gaming.

DMLFury2824d ago

Make sure to get that extra life from Mrs. Beakly in each level. She's hidden in there somewhere. That will help you out.