F1 2013 – F1 Classics line-up revealed, developer Q&A

We’re going to start this blog post with a big F1 Classics reveal. We’ve been teasing a few details since announcement, but today we’re very happy to confirm the big names and legendary cars that will feature in F1 2013, plus the extra content you’ll find in F1 2013 Classic Edition.
F1 Classics is a fictional racing series that allows you to race F1 cars, drivers and circuits from the 1980s and 1990s. The teams are represented by two drivers, the original that raced in the team’s specific car and the team legend that has represented the team during a different era.

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Jdoki2832d ago

Great news. Looks like F1 2013 is going to be a nice step up from 2012 and 11.

Not entirely sure how they can call some of the cars 'Classics' - as a couple of the Ferrai's listed were dogs! Shame they are not including the Brabham BT49, or one of the early 90's Benettons. or the revolutionary Tyrrell 019