'Wolfenstein: The New Order' hands-on: Stealth is one unexpected surprise - Examiner

While it has been since 2009 when the gaming industry saw an installment in the Wolfenstein series, it's also a franchise that dates back to the 1980's. Wolfenstein: The New Order is aiming to bring back the greatness that has been Wolfenstein over the previous three decades.

Overall, the gameplay was strong and challenged us to be creative with our combat. The game's enemies had a lot to do with this and it was a fresh thing to experience.

Once we got past climbing up the building, we were then able to employ stealth tactics. It was actually shocking how much we could use stealth to get through enemies. While this doesn't really work with the whole spirit of a shooter, using stealth to defeat enemies was a lot more fun than just mowing down enemies with an automatic.

Developers seem to have this idea of taking an experience you've had before and are familiar with, and then add new elements and components that you are not expecting. This is meant from a gameplay and story standpoint, and personally, it's refreshing to see. It's not just your typical shooter, thank goodness.

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I am eager to play this game. I am seriously looking out for it.

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