Oddworld Dev: PS4 Is A "High End PC" With "Extra", Allows Developer Access to Entire Hardware

CEO of Just Add Water and Oddworld Inhabitants development director Stewart Gilray shares his thoughts about the PS4.

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kataloni102824d ago

with all respect to PS4 but its not a High End PC

golding892824d ago ShowReplies(4)
Xsilver2824d ago

sooooooo you develop for it good to know

ShinMaster2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Exactly. Even when it comes from multiple developers' mouth.

Out of the millions of PCs, only a small percentage are "high-end". Most gamers on Steam have integrated graphics.

PS4 will outperform 90% PCs out there and @ $399.

Maximus Corruptor2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

@kataloni10 So Stewart is lying? Why would he lie? I'm sorry you have more dev experience than him on the PS4 or gaming in general so you proved otherwise.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2824d ago

why all the hate? I'm sureee the Devs know what they are talking about...

jessupj2824d ago

Well I'm no expect, but more than 1 dev has said that even though the spec are weaker than a high end PC, because of the standard platform that built purely for gaming (plus apps) the Ps4 can be optimized to run comparable to a high end PC.

B-radical2824d ago

Don't speak the truth on this site!

zeal0us2824d ago

I think when developers say this they are not referring to specs but rather what they can do with it.

ABizzel12824d ago

A think a better saying among devs. is the PS4 aims for High End PC's, because the PS4 just doesn't have the Raw power to be considered a High-End PC.

The CPU is completely outclassed by an FX 8350
The GPU is completely outclassed by an HD 7970 GHZ

The PS4's one advantage is having 8GB of GDDR5, but that's slowly shrinking with GPU's using 6GB @ 288 GB/s (Titan), and 4GB @ 304 GB/s (9970).

High-end PC's are also capable of playing current-gen PC games in 4k, something the PS4 won't be able to do.

The games shown thus far are launch titles, and so they don't do the consoles complete justice and in 1 - 2 years the PS4 may very well be capable of releasing games with near high-end PC levels of performance, the problem is by then High-end gaming will be on another level with UHD GPU's hitting shelves.

The PS4 is a solid console, that will hold it's mid-range title for a good 2 - 3 years thanks to console overheads, but high-end it is not (well at least not compared to desktops, but compared to laptops then yes it's high end).

ShinMaster2824d ago

More people will own PS4s than Titan GPUs.

PS4 will outperform 90% PCs out there. Out of the millions of PCs, only a small percentage are "high-end".

starchild2824d ago

You're just pulling that 90% figure out of your @ss. If you are talking about every PC out there that can play games at all, then yeah, that's probably right.

But the people we would normally call PC gamers...the kind of people that frequent game sites...certainly have much higher spec machines.

nunley332823d ago

starchild first says shinmaster was making up facts then agree's with him lol. because of optimised hardware,graphics can be comparable.

ABizzel12823d ago


PS4 is a console that uses the same hardware for 5+ years.

PC hardware improves EVERY year. Usually every 2 years high-end cards drop to mid-range, mid-range drop to low, and low are the new APU's (and year 3 is when the jump takes place)

In the case of the PS4 pound for pound it's a Mid range gaming PC when compared to the HD 7000 series GPU's (as it's a 7000 series mobile GPU). The HD 9000 series launches this year with the top GPU 9970 rumored to be more powerful than a GTX Titan.

So you have the PS4 1.84 TFLOPS (2014) compared to a HD 9970 8.2 (2014) which has nearly 4.5x more TFLOPS than the PS4. That basically means multiplats will run on the PS4 in 1080p @ 30 - 60fps, while the 9970 will run them in 4k @ 30 - 60fps with better graphic quality than the PS4.

Then in 2015 the jump will take place as AMD moves to UHD 1000 cards where even low-end GPU's will be running games in at least 2k @ 30fps, while the high end will be pushing 4k @ 60fps.

No matter how much you 25 people want to disagree this is just the cycle of gaming.


No everyone won't have a Titan, but you're foolishly speaking as if PC gamers are stuck with Titan for the next 5+ years. Titan is being rivaled by the GTX 780 and likely surpassed by the HD 9970 both of which will be $600 cards by the end of the year all of which are 4x more powerful than the PS4. PC gamers only need to upgrade their GPU this gen and maybe RAM or SSD.

It's not a knock against the PS4 it's just being real, and not having bias, or fanboy goggles on. A $400 console is not going to outperform a $1,000+ PC. PS4 games will look great and acceptable, but they won't rival a high-end PC PERIOD.

Devs, are hyping up their games simple as that.

xKugo2823d ago

Do they even have 4k monitors available because the highest I've seen is 1440p.

ABizzel12823d ago


you need a new monitor then, there's 1080p, 2k, and 4k monitors. 8k are in the works.




ShinMaster2823d ago


The most popular GPU on Steam is integrated.

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vigilante_man2824d ago

You will not find a PC as powerful as the PS4 (& DS4) with optimised gaming inputs (mouse/keyboard) for the same price. Or anywhere near.

It is purpose built for gaming with a gaming OS.

A toaster is a toaster, A PS4 is a gaming consle, as is a XB1 and a PC is a multi-purpose computing device with thrown together parts and multi-purpose OS.

Do not compare apples with oranges.

addictgamer2824d ago

Everyone knows it's the pixie dust and rainbow glitter that makes the ps4 a dedicated gaming machine and the lack of it that relegates the PC to being a multipurpose computing device.

user74029312824d ago

what games have you made to state that? do you know how they customized the system? were you there? its like a regular guy discrediting a nasa engineer and not providing scientific evidence.

blackmagic2824d ago

His statement is correct if you are looking at the whole world of PCs. There are literally hundreds of millions of computers actively being used in the world and PS4 will likely outperform 90% of them which would qualify for calling it a high end system.

However, the definition of a high end pc is completely different for an enthusiast. For an enthusiast, the bare bones, budget, entry level pc would outperform 85% of the PCs being used in the world.

Aceman182824d ago

I didn't think this statement would go over well with some people Lol.

nunley332823d ago

well @golding89 is an honest troll, i respect that. and i like seeing the reactions too. many devs have said this so lets wait till after its out then the graphics comparisons will ensue.

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Xsilver2824d ago

PC gamer shitstorm incoming

Fishy Fingers2824d ago

Oh here we go, the same tired old chest beating comments, my platforms better than your platform! Yeah and my dad could beat up your dad!!

windblowsagain2824d ago

Because your experts and you know the PS4 hardware Inside and out.

It’s a high-end PC with extras, by that I mean the DDR5 RAM, the fact it doesn’t have an OS such as Windows on it taking up MUCH of the system resources, leaving us developers access to pretty much the entire hardware, meaning we can do more at with better performance than an equivalent PC spec.”

Pain_Killer2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Go read something about the difference between GDDR5 and DDR5 then come back to replying me.

As for no bulky OS of PlayStation 4, tell me why won't Sony officially share the amount of memory reserved for the system and graphics lead? This is an official response from them:

We have no comment to make on the amount of memory reserved by the system or what it is used for.

Why can't they comment, first the pump tell people that the memory is primary used for gaming on the other hand they get a hard time claiming if the whole memory is exclusive for game or OS. Promised 8 GB for gamers but can't even confirm what amount they officially give out to developers.

xKugo2823d ago

DDR5 doesn't exist idiot as DDR4 was just released this January. Do you even know what GDDR5 stands for? I'm assuming not...

Pain_Killer2822d ago

@xKugo, you are such a fucking retard. That reply was directed towards windblowsagain and 90$ of the consoles boys who think they are getting DDR5 ram on the PS4.

You think im not aware of the fact that DDR4 isnt even available to consumers at the moment? You think i don't know DDR5 is a 2017 part.

DDR5 won't be available to anyone until 2017 when mass produced by Samsung and TSMC. GDDR5 (Graphics Dual Data Rate x5) has been available on PCs since 2008, Consoles got it now since it has become the standard memory while hardare makers such as NVIDIA an AMD are moving towards the next step. Stacked Memory, HUMA, Cross-Link are the future.

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