FIFA 14 Will Have Goodison Park Stadium

FIFPlay: Goodison Park will make its gaming debut in FIFA 14, after Everton penned a new two-year deal to secure EA SPORTS™ as the Club’s official gaming partner until the end of the 2014/15 season.

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slimeybrainboy2279d ago

I give a shit. I don't support Everton but there a big team with nice stadium. I'm happy it will be in 14.

slimeybrainboy2279d ago

Listen I understand what you're saying, it's not major news. But it's not like EA called a press conference to announce it, it's just a nice piece of news to flick through. I don't know why you wouldnt give a shit, the more real life stadiums the better, so I give a shit.

Drakesfortune2279d ago

I dont see why all top flight teams shouldnt have there stadium in fifa

iceman062279d ago

I wonder if it's a licensing issue? Maybe it's just too much money to get every individual stadium? Who knows. But, I agree.

sprinterboy2279d ago

Everton fan here, was going to pick up pes this time round but guess it's fifa again lol

Peckyyy2279d ago

Palace fan here,I think fifa should add Selhurst Park because it is has a great support (best in london)