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Kurt Russell2820d ago

Personally I am looking forward to getting back into tea leafing valuables again :)

ravinash2820d ago

It will be on top of my list of games to get.

ramtah2820d ago

dont see the funn in this game

ravinash2820d ago

Don't be such a party pooper.

gamedebater2820d ago

Dishonored much? Not liking it's direction. Story looks bland and gameplay looks like a direct copy of Dishonored. Meh all around.

Section82819d ago

You obviously do not know your game history. Thief came way before Dishonored. Dishonored borrowed from Thief, but that's not a bad thing. If we didn't have studios that did some borrowing from other game genre's then we wouldn't have half the great games we do.

gamedebater2814d ago

Oh so what does it do better than dishonored? Because all i see is a game with no proper direction. I promise you it's going to be under an 8

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