New adaptor makes microSDHC PSP compatible

Via Pocket Gamer: "Sony's Pro Duo memory card might be as reliable as your kitchen tap is at dispensing water, but it doesn't come cheap. Meanwhile, microSDHC (high capacity) memory cards are cheap as chips.

There are adaptors already out there that make microSD compatible with the PSP's Pro Duo memory card slot but not the high capacity microSD variety. However, PhotoFast has just announced one such device that is compatible with both microSD and microSDHC cards up to 8GB."

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mindedone3932d ago

It's time to upgrade, I guess. Well, not really. I know a lot of people use their PSP as a multimedia device, but I'm not one of them. But that's just me.

40cal3932d ago

Until the 16 gig memory stick pro is affordable.

Besides I already have a 2gig, 3 1gig, two 512mb, and a 215mb memory stick.