PS Vita Could get Massive Price Drop, Images Suggest

A NeoGaf user spotted some images on the PS Asia Flickr account which show a bundle including the PS Vita (wi-fi model), accessory pack and ModNation Racers: Road Trip for the very low price of HKD $1280, roughly equal to $165. This price marks a 45% decrease in price; a massive drop which is sure to spike some interest for people who have yet to purchase a vita.

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golding892828d ago ShowReplies(6)
xxPillsxx2828d ago

This could be a sign...
Need more games.

xxPillsxx2828d ago

I mean AAA games...
Sorry forgot to put AAA in, we have LOTS of games now.

Godchild10202828d ago

I think the Vita did get a price drop (A silent one). If you look at the Walking Dead bundle; it comes with a 3G/WiFi Vita. That 3G/WiFi Vita normally retails for 299.99, but that bundle is 249.99. At least on the Gamestop website it does.

zeee2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Yes but the consumers need a not-so-silent price drop announcement.

I think the October release of an unnamed Sony console rumors doing the rounds on GAF has something to do with Vita. I hope Sony will redesign the PS Vita.

Remove 3G and add 4G LTE. Drop the proprietary storage and adapt the standard SDHC/MicroSD support. Bring the price down to $199. I assure you the Vita sales will skyrocket!

Alexious2828d ago

If they announce a 500 $/€ PS4/PSVita bundle at Gamescom I might very well go for it, even though I never really loved portable gaming.

PSnation42828d ago

$165 is a great price.. especially if ur a psn+ subscriber.. get tons of free games for the vita..example- uncharted golden abyss and gravity rush.. hopefully the vita gets a price drop so i can finally get 1

HakatoX2828d ago

why do people insist on repeating first hand knowledge like its news to the world?

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The story is too old to be commented.