Limited Edition "Gun-Metal Grey" MGS4 PS3 coming to USA… CONFIRMED

Yes you read that right….

The Limited Edition "Gun-Metal Grey" Metal Gear Solid 4, PlayStation 3 bundle is coming to USA.

The price, and when it will be released has yet to be announced.

This is the same bundle that sold out in a matter of minutes in Japan. Sony has said that this PS3 will be "VERY, VERY limited" so get your money ready…

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Sev3846d ago

If I didnt already own a PS3, I would pick this up in a heartbeat.

The Gun-Metal Grey is so damn sexy. I didnt think anything could out-sexy the Piano Black PS3.

Yet another way to hype the hell out of MGS4. It doesnt even need more hyping.

MGS4 is sure to sell a ton of PS3s.

deeznuts3846d ago

I might go the cheapy route and just get a graphite gray at colorware. I know it's not metal, but my PS3 is out of warranty already so eff it, I've already thought about it.

sonarus3846d ago

Unfortunately i'm not a dual ps3 kinda guy. I already have a 60GB upgraded to 160GB with full backwards compatibility so though it would be nice to have, i'm fine and dandy with my 60GB. Those without ps3's already should be looking at the bundles though especially since 80GB consoles are so hard to find

meepmoopmeep3846d ago

yeah, it's sweet... i heard the PS3 is made of a light metal as well.
the box is a keeper for sure!

MikeGdaGod3845d ago

i want this one so so bad and i already own a 120gb/60gb model. i wouldn't trade that one for this one though. i'd just make room for another.

juuken3845d ago

Yesh, I like that color a lot. If only you can swap your current PS3 with this one...:D

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pwnsause3846d ago

and this is going to sell out in one week. That looks hot BTW.

eagle213846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

When this and the 80gb Metal Gear Solid 4 bundles hit retail stores: The hotcakes have arrived!!! :)

They gotta have 1,000,000 of these. June is going to be insane!

Spinner3846d ago

One week? More like 10 minutes.

heyheyhey3846d ago

at first i didnt like the colour

but upon closer inspection i can safely say... damn my stupid piano black PS3

Marceles3846d ago

The coolest thing about it is that the system IS's not just painted that color, it's a totally different material

*drool drool*

heyheyhey3846d ago

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! thats so cool

and practical

if they made those the standard instead of the ones we have now- the guys who did smash my ps3 would have a much harder time

ErcsYou3846d ago

Really? Its made of metal? Been thinking about a second PS3 to use as a dedicated server but i was planning on a 40g. If this thing is made of metal and is truly "limited" i gotta get me one....

fenderputty3846d ago

if the metal was from fallen war ships and planes.

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ChrisGTR13846d ago

how much is this going to cost?

TheExecutive3846d ago

gotta say the color of this console trumps my piano black. If I didnt have the original 60gb I would trade mine in and get this one.

heyheyhey3846d ago

sucks being an early adopter eh?

the piano black is still sexy, but this is much better

Marceles3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Exactly what I was thinking, If I didn't own one already and if this was the original 60 GB with the EE chip still in the motherboard, I would've preordered it right after reading the title of the story

trancefreak3846d ago

hehe ya I can see the lil surface swirls on mine and i clean it with a soft cloth.I like the grey too looks good