USA Pre-Order Chart 10/8/13

PS4 slows as Amazon bundles sell out, GTA (360) gains 40k pre orders

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black0o2832d ago

according to this chart most of ps3 players are moving to ps4 unlike x360/x1
bF4 on x360 >> bf4 on x1
bf4 on ps4 >> bf4 on ps3
same goes for AC and watch dog

and most of cod player are sticking with current-gen

PlayStation_42832d ago

never noticed that... could be true.
wow, if Sony takes NA (not so sure about that though), then M$ has no chance!

ElementX2832d ago

No chance at what? Winning some phony war fanboys create online? Truth of the matter is both consoles will sell and neither company will back out of the console business. Both companies will make a profit and everybody will be happy. The only company that needs to be worried is Nintendo with the Wii U. 3DS is selling amazingly well however Wii U is struggling.

PlayStation_42832d ago


no, outselling its competition.

are you new to this site or something?

ElementX2832d ago

No, check my profile I've been here 6.9 years. I'm just trying to figure out why so many people care if Sony sells more units than MS. It's just fanboy bs, comparing e-penises, "ha my company is better", all that schoolyard bickering and arguing and rants just because some company sells maybe a few million more units than the other. Both Sony and MS are companies out to get your money. Neither one gives a damn who you are, what you do, or anything else about you. All they want is your money, period. No amount of PR "we love our customers" BS will ever get me to become obsessed with one company and sing praises about them online as if they were some deity.

Paytaa2832d ago

@ElementX You sir are one of the few that actually have a brain on this site.

Ju2832d ago

KZ:SF beats both, BF4 and CoD ;) Yeah baby. Go Guerilla!

Hicken2832d ago

It isn't some "phony war." The two consoles are in competition with each other(three, if you count the Wii U, but that's sorta not the point).

As long as there have been consoles, there has been a console war. It looks different now than it used to, but it wasn't fanboys on the internet that created the slogan "Sega does what Nintendon't."

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all want to be #1 at the end of a generation. They'd prefer it if that was in terms of both profit AND sales, but the console war proper has always been defined by who sells the most consoles.

What galls me the most is when people act like these things are only the product of the fans' imaginations. It would be like saying DirecTV and Dish Network aren't competing for customers, that they don't attack each other in commercials and try to make the competition look worse in the eyes of either current or potential users of either.

Nobody's up in arms over the TV wars, but there's a problem with the far more personally engaging- since it's about an individual's entertainment, after all- console wars? Nobody complains when Ford and Chevy slam each other in commercials, or when fans of one or the other talk trash, but when it comes to video games, suddenly it's all about the immaturity of the fanbase.

You're automatically assuming that because someone supports one company over another, that it's fanboyism. That there are no legitimate reasons to do so, beyond just blindly loving said company, and believing the company cares about the individual. In your eyes, I can't choose to support Sony over Microsoft and Nintendo because they provide me with the best gaming experiences for my needs. I can't hope they do well so they can continue to give the the types of games I like. I can't hope that certain things Microsoft does fail so it won't reach beyond their own products.

I can only say, "Well, I like this game, and leave it at that.

That's stupid. I'm really tired of that crap. As with anything else, we're all entitled to our preferences, and we're entitled to however they make us feel.

Who are you to come and simplify all that into some crap "phony" reasoning just because you don't share the same passion?

Get over yourself.

kparks2832d ago

I agree with what ps4 says. not on a fanboy level or anything but if sony takes north America m$ will be in trouble i would say almost half of there install base is NA and there in this for money correct the only people buying xboxs are Eu and Na.

god_o_war2832d ago


Well said bubble to you my good sir!

Evilsnuggle2832d ago

Wow is it not funny when microSCAM had the lead consoles last generation. XBOTS where PS3 sucks power of the cell. But look now everything has changed PS3 is the numbers two top selling game console. PS4 is Destroying xbone 180 in pre-orders now it doesn't matter lol lol :-)

MysticStrummer2832d ago

"if Sony takes NA"

I think Sony will take NA, though I expect One sales to spike when MS caves and offers a Kinect free model in a year or two... or three... however long they hold out. Normally I'd say they'll hold out for a long while, but the steady 180s lately make me think it might be sooner. They could drop Kinect and substantially drop the price of the console.

Johnsonparts232832d ago

@Ju what are you talking about? both cod and bf4 have more preorders than KZ. Are you just talking specifically for the PS4, cause thats not that impressive considering Watch Dogs has more PS4 preorders than an exclusive.

Ju2832d ago

Of course I'm talking PS4. Since KZ:SF doesn't release on PS3 it obviously won't beat it on that platform. Watch Dogs is a good game. Well deserved. But KZ in #2 spot is surprising and welcomed. Black Flag somewhat disappointing, though. I'd thought that would be further up there. But Yay! KZ! Go, go, go :)

Gekko362832d ago

@Hicken - There is nothing wrong with what @ElementX said. His opinion on your choice to vilify one company and worship another as childish nonsense is right on the money. Little boy's games indeed.

Bigpappy2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

The highest pre-order's for PS4 is the multi-plat BF4 at 7k. Most other pre-orders on either Next-gen console are around 4K.

What this really tells me, is that we have a long, long way to go in pre-orders.

Looking at 360 preorder, I would say that M$ fan-base is still quite huge and dominant in North America. 360 owners are not as engaged and excited as PS4 owners. Not yet. They are waiting on more info. I surely have not pre-ordered yet.

Can remember pre-order's getting so much attention since Halo 3 released.

sak5002831d ago Show
r2oB2831d ago

@ Element

Your response was completely irrelevant to his comment. He was not praising any company as if it was a Deity as you make it out to be. He was making a point. A point that if Sony takes the US market, Microsoft has no chance of outselling them... which makes sense. You are just coming off as someone trying to be apathetic, a bit too hard at that. The whole argument about Sony and Microsoft being companies looking for profit is old and tired. Obviously they both want our money, but they seem to go about it in different ways. Whether or not either company gives a damn about gamers is irrelevant. The only relevance is which company provides value and gives the impression they are customer oriented (rather than anti-consumer). Ask yourself... do you think the company that employs you, cares about you on a personal level? Ask yourself what is the difference between working for a company that offers you benefits, and working for one that has no regard for you. Would you praise one and denounce the other? It's the same concept for many gamers. They praise Sony because they have been very pro consumer. They bad mouth Microsoft because they have been pretty anti-consumer.

No doubt some people go overboard with their comments, but this was hardly that type of comment.

totallysane2831d ago

@element, just fanboy bs? is that all? Hi, I'm the internet, your really gonna learn to hate me soon...bye!

Godz Kastro2831d ago

@Playstation 4

Please tell me you own stock in the company otherwise idk how to react to your comment. It's crazy, we have a new gen upon us and instead of being concerned with great new experiences you are worrying about pre-orders. I just can't wrap my head around your motivation.

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jackanderson19852832d ago

i think the cross chat capabilities on the PS4 would be a huge reason for this and the headset coupled with the box.. then again the PS4 is the console to beat at the moment.. should be a fun couple of years till the next lot

chuckyj12832d ago

The headset packed in the PS4 looks like a POS. X1 actually will pack a real headset in their offering not some $h1ty inline mic earbud.

But, overall I actually agree with Element X a few posts above on most matters.

HammadTheBeast2832d ago


It's the same thing, they just put some 50 cent plastic case around the wire.

And they'd best be offering a mic considering they removed support for headsets compatible with 360 which means people who bought those $100-$200 headsets are screwed.

jackanderson19852832d ago

@hammad aren't they working on an adapter so that the mics can work?

@chucky who cares if it looks like a POS as long as you can hear people and respond to them

BG115792831d ago


Don't need a new one. I can use the one I already have for the PS3.

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n4rc2832d ago

Day one downloads makes preorder stats irrelevant..

SniperControl2832d ago

You do realise that day 1 downloads are gonna be £10 - £15 more to purchase than there retail disc counterparts.

This goes for both PSN & XBL, buying AAA games from here has always been a total rip off.

NewWhiteFeather2832d ago


Why do you say that?

n4rc2832d ago

Seriously.. Why would you say that? Its not the case at all..

Same price and no hassle.. My days of preordering games are over.. And a lot of x1 owners will do the same..

SniperControl2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Just had a look at PSN, games like Remember Me is still £47.99, Watch Dogs & AC:Black Flag are going for £55.99, Diablo 3 is £49.99, Splinter Cell: Blacklist £55.99, that's just PS3, imagine the prices for Next Gen games.

I have not been into XBL for a while, but from past experience games are of a similar price.

If anything digital copies should be cheaper than physical media, it's bit of a con to be honest, digital copies should be cheaper.

Most of these games are £39.99 at my local national retailer.

I am not having a go at you guys, because i would also love to go fully digital as well, but those prices are just crazy.

2832d ago
MysticStrummer2832d ago

"Day one downloads makes preorder stats irrelevant."


JohnnyBadfinger2831d ago

but the PS4 wont be turned on... unless...

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corvusmd2832d ago

We all know that PS4 will take a huge lead out of the gate...but it won't stick

NextGen24Gamer2832d ago

The Xbox 360 is still selling very well. Games & consoles are still topping the charts in the USA. The big question I have is how many xbox one gamers (Like Myself) are not pre ordering any xbox one games due to the fact that I plan on going all digital. When I get my xbox one I will purchase my day one releases right from Xbox Live. I know a lot of my xbox 360 buddies are planning on doing the same thing. This way we can play the xbox one the way it was intended to be played. No disc gaming. No more getting up and switching games. No more taking my xbox one to a friends house and bringing my entire library of games with me in a duffle bag. I know many of us xbox one gamers are hoping they also bring back the family share for digital content ONLY. But more importantly, I want to be able to watch tv and receive an invite to a game on my screen and instantly switch to the game without getting up and switching game discs... Those are features that I'm excited about and I know I'm not alone.

ThatOneGuyThere2832d ago


You understand that people are what make up these companies right? You think that they don't care what they put out? As one who has spent over 7 years in the industry, I disagree. These people are very passionate about what they release to their audiences.

Steelz2832d ago

When playing COD next-gen is current-gen LOL

SITH2832d ago

Like many BF4 xbox gamers, I am buying BF4 on both the 360, and Xbox one given my stats and any DLC season passes carry over until the xbox one is released. So Your point?

black0o2832d ago

same thing is true about the ps3/4 season pass carry over and stats .. u r saying?

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PlayStation_42832d ago

CoD: Ghosts will surely get a huge boost next week, especially the X1/360 versions they were advertised heavily during its conference (if anybody bothered to watch it that is)

Wow, Killzone: Shadowfall is performing really well though, next gen will easily elevate the Killzone fracnhise to new heights

OlgerO2832d ago

Its still telling though that even call of duty ghosts for the PS4 is outperforming ghosts for the xbox one

PlayStation_42832d ago

not for long I dont think... M$ will be pushing CoD hard and Activision will be pushing the X1 with ads

TheFallenAngel2832d ago

That doesn't mean people will shell out $500 to play Ghosts when they can play it on PS4 for $100 less.

andibandit2831d ago

not as tellling as one might think. sites like amazon are selling ps4 bundles with bf4, cod, but dont have a similar bundle for xbox one. this will skew the pre order statistics in ps4 favor, and we will have to wait to see a precise representation.
overall tho im sure ps4 cod will outsell xbone cod.

Minato-Namikaze2832d ago

COD sales between platforms where pretty much even between ps3 and 360 witht he 360 have a slight lead. If sony has a numbers advangtage with PS4 stock over XB1 then it wont matter how much marketing money has. You can make up a difference like that unless people start buying 2 copies.

christrules00412832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

To be honest I don't really think that COD: Ghosts will get a huge boast for X1/360. Seeing how they have 355,000 pre orders for the 360 but the other things is GTA V is at 830,000 pre orders for the 360.

From all those people some of them can't afford a new game every month. When it comes down to it GTA V vs COD: Ghosts..... It's pretty fair to say people would pick GTA V and it's showing.

Also for the X1 I thought people are more hyped for Titanfall so that cuts into COD: Ghosts pre orders. I'm kinda curious though because non of Microsofts exclusives made it into the top 40.

GraveLord2832d ago

The games are 2 months apart dude. Most people will buy both GTA V and COD Ghosts. Expect COD sales to explode after the multi-player reveal and once the TV ads start.

Nathaniel_Drake2832d ago

I don't know, paying 100 extra dollars just to play COD on the Xbox one instead of PS4 doesn't seem appealing at all.

Bud19142832d ago

KillZone is doing good because it is the only game worth a crap in the PS4 launch lineup. That's the sad truth. But when TitanFall comes on the XboxOne all the shenanigans will be over. That will officially start the pendulum to swing in favor of Microsoft.

Dude Dutch2831d ago

O noooooo another newby with big talk. Keep um cuming......

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Roper3162832d ago

I'm going to put in my final PS3 preorders this weekend as far as games go GTA: V & Beyond 2 souls but may still buy some down the line that I missed / passed on or that may come out after the PS4's release.

As far as the upcoming gen goes I currently have 2 ps4's preordered, a extra controller, the PSeye, KZ:SF, BF4, Watchdogs & Knack & I will get the gimped version of Drive Club from PS+.

Now I'm just looking forward to new game announcements from GC & TGS and may have a few more games preordered for the PS4 launch.

WeAreLegion2832d ago

Sad, isn't it? I'm getting those and Puppeteer before I retire the old girl.

Game4life2832d ago

You're not gonna keep the old girl out next to the baby girl?

WeAreLegion2832d ago

Lol. I am. She'll be having fun, but she'll be retired.

Game4life2831d ago

retired? but she still sees things a coming that shes wants to have put in her. (sex pun0 she'll only be content when theirs nothing new coming out to put in her ;)

andibandit2831d ago

i would problably hold off on getting the ps eye. its too early

GraveLord2832d ago

Watch Dogs PS4 at #8! Wooow. It's selling incredibly well considering the small install base. Tons of other PS4 titles all over the chart too!

Looks like PS4 is poised to take over the US market this coming gen.

romancer2832d ago

if i were an accountant, the fact that MS sold 40,913 copies of GTA5 last week and Sony sold 22,007 (assuming the figures are accurate) -- would be of greater interest, than 4,095 copies of PS4 Watch Dogs being sold.

There is still considerable confusion over the delivery dates of both consoles and many of the games. Some say MS is aiming at end of November for the release of XBox One (and point to the delivery date assigned by Amazon to XBox One controllers) but, as of today, Amazon is still saying that Dec 31 is the release date of next-gen games -- whereas Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs will launch earlier for current consoles.

Is it even likely that the XBox One will debut late November and there'll be no games to play until New Year's?

Add in Gamestop's offer to upgrade any applicable game from this generation to the next for $10 -- it's way too early to be reading tea leaves as to which console will be ahead in North America a year from now.

I'd say the situation is pretty foggy right now and there's lots of room for surprising developments.

GraveLord2832d ago

Of course GTA V has more pre-orders on 360. The console sold much better than in America. In case you didn't notice, this chart only tracks American pre-orders.

PS4 is looking to take over next-gen. Current-gen really has nothing to do with it. It's a fresh start.

andibandit2831d ago

as i said before, sites like amazon are sellling ps4 watchdogs bundles, but not xbone watchdogs bundles. so the numbers on the vga chart should taken with a grain of salt.

sAVAge_bEaST2832d ago

xboxOne, has One game in the top 40 -ghosts,.

xDHAV0K24x2832d ago

U dont think Killer Instinct will do well? Altho its a dl

sAVAge_bEaST2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

yea, Bf4 is also on there, didn't see that originally,. I didn't realize I hit the post button, until now. was going to bail on the comment.