Review: Oz no Mahoutsukai ~Another World~ RungRung | oprainfall

oprainfall writes:

"The Wizard of Oz is a literary classic and has spawned three films as of late, but its treatment on the video game front has been pretty lacking. Joining the ranks of a mediocre SNES platformer, the pretty cool Nintendo DS JRPG RIZ-ZOAWD (known as Beyond the Yellow Brick Road in XSEED/WB’s US release) and the LucasArts-esque Emerald City Confidential is Oz no Mahoutsukai ~Another World~ RungRung. Since this item-crafting RPG’s title is quite a mouthful, I’ll take a cue from the opening cutscene and 2ch boards and call it RungRung from here on out. When it was first released in Japan in 2000, a full 100 years after L. Frank Baum’s original novel, the PS1 was nearing the end of its life cycle. Because of this, it went under the radar in its home country."

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