Why Apple's OS X Mops The Floor With Microsoft Vista In The OS Value Equation

Computerworld's Preston Gralla, whose column appears transparently under the heading "Seeing Through Windows," has posted a provocative little parry entitled "Five reasons why Vista beats Mac OS X."

Given Vista's abject failure in the marketplace notwithstanding Microsoft's massive captive audience ( a miserable and pathetic but deserved 15% penetration 14 months after it was rolled out), it took a lot of chutzpah to climb out on a limb asserting that Vista "is a superior operating system" to OS X, and Gralla's arguing points are as lame as, well, Vista itself.

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sonarus3841d ago

enough with the damn apple vs msoft arguments. We know vista sucks ballz already we don't have to hear about it on n4g everyday

Tempist3841d ago

Yeah these bi-weekly arguments are getting old and redundant. PC users like to change things up when they want to with windows and such. Mac users like the unified oneness of their operating systems and expensive computers.

That's the end results in the end.

Tempist3841d ago

However, on his point #4. A lot of people build computers (like computer stores put together semi-custom machines for people to buy) or at least upgrade components. There's a lot of ignorance being displayed on that point.

If people didn't build computers or upgrade parts, then computer retail stores wouldn't sell individual parts.

Kholinar3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

"However, on his point #4. A lot of people build computers (like computer stores put together semi-custom machines for people to buy) or at least upgrade components. There's a lot of ignorance being displayed on that point.

If people didn't build computers or upgrade parts, then computer retail stores wouldn't sell individual parts."

I agree that the onus of proof is on the writer. Still, I cannot find and have never found a percentage of home-built computers. If it were a large percentage I'd expect some stats to be available.

My (anecdotal) experience (as is all of what's being thrown around here and in the article) is that most people who do such things upgrade ram, videocard/pci card, hd, and cdrom. Very, very few of the general population ever touch a motherboard. Most of the people here may have, but that's still much different than the general population. The main part of this that's poignant to this discussion is the fact that three of the four most common upgrades are easily replaced on a Mac. Even more poignant is the fact that laptop sales are trumping desktop sales in the industry now and most laptops have no more ease in upgrades than any Mac.

For that matter, even retail motherboard sales totals are almost impossible to find, leading me to believe that this total is very, very small.

athlon7703841d ago

The writer of this travisty is obvoiusly stuck in his 'mac' world saying there are a low percentage of home builders of the PC side. Just because he can not build a mac from scratch, does not give him the right to say the same for the PC community. And people do not just upgrade the ram, cdrom, or video cards. With motherboard manufactures such as Asus, DFI, Elite, Abit, and Gigabyte all making motherboards for just the system builder community, and that is not all the motherboard manufactures, then take in all the system case manufactures...well I will just say that I would be suprised if 40% of the PC community didn't build their own system. And yes, that includs me. Of the 9 currently active systems in my house, only one was built by Dell and that is a laptop, none of the others are built by a 'system builder' such as Dell, HP, or Gateway.

Oh and yes, I have a Win98se machine, a couple of Win2k desktops and one Win2k server, two XP and one Vista x64 machine. The rest run Linux. The Vista machine cost me under $600.00 to build including the cost of the OS and 6gig of system ram! (But I still prefer XP)

drewdrakes3841d ago

Vista is more secure. BTW, why are they comparing OS X to Vista? Shouldnt it be OS X vs XP? Or Leopard vs OS X? Hardly fair...

Charlie26883841d ago

[email protected] I think you are SEVERALLY confusing two COMPLETELY different aspect one thing is saying that your average joe wont build or even open his PC which is obvious seeing just how big is the general PC owners but pretending that there isn't a MASSIVE market of people that does this is rediculous and going as far as trying to undermine that upgrading market is SEVERE denial

for example NVIDIA won Company of the Year 07 and it wasn't because they made a deal with HP or another manufacture to include there parts in premade PCs there massive winning were directed at the explosion on sales of there video cards specifically the 8800GT, same thing can be said about Intel that when there new Quad Core processors that when launched they were sold out in many sites with in minutes and in response they created a new line directed at new PC gaming processors ALL of these aimed obviously at your PC builder (the majority of big cash cows for this companies are sold individually and unless we are talking Alienware they are not included in your average pre made PC) which it all points that is now there main source of growth I DON'T think both this companies among many others will be betting there future growth on something is suppose to be a "very, very small" percentage of people or there investor would have already pulled there money

as lest be realistic the Macs were never ment to be upgraded and since we are talking about avergae joe I guarantee you that your average Mac user dosent even know you can upgrade some parts from a Mac most Mac audience dump there old Mac in favor of new ones just ask all the mac fans that I work of have worked in the graphic design Mac in, old to the dump or one the old to the dump or Ebay in the case of PCs if you really need to upgrade the main scene will buy new parts and upgrade there old one which has be demonstated since they were the building blocks for many of this companies massive growth

psnDevistator3563841d ago

Vista right now sucks. But I haven't seen anything better than XP. For apple, I really think only suckers actually buy their products. lol!!!!

XP Rules.

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Boldy3841d ago

A lot of conflicting stories on this subject. Please some blogger tell me which one is actually better because everyone is apparently too dumb to come up with their own conclusions on this subject being that theirs already well over a few dozen articles like this.

drewdrakes3841d ago

I havent tried macs, ive tried linux and windows. I feel you should try them all and get your own opinion, because youre always going to have bias in someones articles/blogs. good luck

athlon7703841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Neither system is better than the other. Everything you can do on a Mac, you can do on the PC (usually cheaper), everything you can do on a PC, you can do on a Mac. They are both very reliable platforms with total cost of ownership being slightly cheaper on the PC side.

Both OS-X and Vista are nice OS's, but I will agree that while Vista has been very...very stable for me, it needs lots of room to breath which is why I run with 6gig of system memory. I know a couple of people who have had nothing but trouble with it...but I also know a lot of people who don't and like it. Plus, like what was said eariler, try to install Vista on a 7yr old machine, and it will laugh at you. This is like putting 87 octain gas into a will run, but you won't be happy with the performance!

lsujester3841d ago

It all depends on what you want personally. If you want to spend a good bit of money on an Apple, then you'll get a OSX that works well. But if you want to spend money on a good PC, then you'll get Vista which works well. There are complaints and annoyances on both sides, but it's all personal preference, price points, etc.

I personally prefer Windows.. not because of the software, but because of the hardware. I can put some serious hardware into a machine and have the same OS as what my old laptop runs. There's a certain comfort in that, along with the ability to play Crysis cranked up.

As for Vista itself, I've had no complaints other than the annoying UAC. I finally just turned it completely off, and went with from there. Yes, it is a resource hog, but MS didn't make Vista be compatible with all the 5 yr old laptops out there and all the slow, cheap crap people buy from Sam's.

Blackmoon3841d ago

This is a really poorly formulated counter argument that seems to be written in a irrational, angry, or perhaps even desperate state. Most of the points are actually just "Oh well who cares?" which as counterarguments go is one of the lamest.

Personally I definitely prefer PC to Mac, though I do consider both of these "top five reasons" articles to be little more than childish whimpers.

Yi-Long3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

- Macs have good and bad points, OC's have good and bad points.
- OSX has good and bad points, Vista has good and bad points.

Some people prefer a Mac, some a PC. Some prefer OSX, some prefer Vista, or Ubuntu, or whatever.

Let it slide already. It's a useless useless debate.
Vista fans arent gonna convince OSX fans that they should switch over, and vice versa.

Just accept that it's a matter of preference, of opinion, etc.

lukewind3841d ago

This whole PC vs Mac thing is about as dumb as the 360 vs PS3 argument. There is one thing that everyone can agree on...Mac users are the most pretentious aholes on the planet, and I can say that because I do use a Mac for some things, but both platforms have serious issues.

The Mac people try to make it out that they never have any troubles with their computer....BS! I used Mac's extensively and they crash and burn just as often as any windows pc. I can't say much for Vista because I am sticking with XP for now.

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