TVG: Rock Band - Hands On Preview

TVG writes: "Prepare to tour the world in Harmonix's Rock Band, the first game to provide a full four-piece of rhythm gaming fun...

When Rock Band is released across Europe on May 23rd, it'll be almost six months to the day since it came out in the US. Why the wait? Well, you can find out more about that in our Q&A with Rock Band's Design Director, Rob Kay. The more pressing question here is will it be worth the wait? And, as far as we could gather from quite a few hours of hands-on play with the game earlier this week, the answer is an ironclad yes.

While the rhythm game's most potent rival has surely got to be Activision's Guitar Hero series, Harmonix's latest offering will provide the complete rock 'n roll experience. That means there will be rhythm action fun not only for the guitar and bass, but for vocals and drums as well. Make no mistake, this is the perfect solution for lazy gamers who dream of a life in the rock 'n roll limelight, but simply can't be bothered to learn an instrument or have a voice that's only welcome at a very empty karaoke night down the local pub."

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