“Xbox One games are not region locked”, Microsoft clarifies import stance

He added of payment details by country, “You can use one of the 13 digital marketplaces corresponding to our launch markets, assuming you have a valid payment instrument for those countries. Lots of people in Europe specifically travel, move, and visit family.

“Now, of course, if you were using Pre-Paid cards … You will still find that music and video content can be geo-restricted based on licensing. (e.g. Netflix works only in supported countries)”

It comes as this NeoGAF member posted a document supposedly leaked from Microsoft that breaks down – in detail – the company’s policy on importing and region issues.

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black0o2825d ago

GameCom is the reboot of the x1 revel .. and ms choose to make it behind closed door just in case
OT: I think MS on right track to earn hardcore's forgiveness

Excalibur2825d ago

Another article where Microsoft has to "clarify" a previous statement...

Ripsta7th2825d ago

Better than staying quiet about iy

gaelic_laoch2825d ago

As usual everything is as clear as mud from M$

theWB272825d ago

I guess that kind of thing happens when you actually release information that has to be clarified. As opposed as the other way around...

Cherchez La Ghost2825d ago

People still whine when a person clarifies their selves?!

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The story is too old to be commented.