Microsoft to open Apple like retail shops

"Our sources close to Microsoft have confirmed that the company wants to reach out for the retail market presence. Microsoft wants to open and create many retail shops dedicated exclusive to Microsoft and its products.

This is something that Apple did with its many Apple retail stores around the world. Microsoft will put its retail people in the shops with hope that these skilled people will be able to show the true Microsoft experience.

We can only guess that the shop will be filled with lot of software but it's likely to include some peripheral stuff such are keyboards and mice as well as some MP3 Zune players. You can count on some computers but the last paragraph is something we suspect not something that has been confirmed.

If they put all that we just listed, it will definitely look like a Microsoft copy of Apple retail stores. Maybe even some windows phones?

It worked well for Apple so Microsoft has the chance."

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Dlacy13g3847d ago

MS will no doubtedly partner with someone like Dell and have PC's and Laptops on sale as well....would be foolish to not do that.

Kakkoii3847d ago

Yeah, would definitely help take a bite out of the Apple lol.

Having stores just dedicated to Microsoft products would attract new people. And give it the kind of appeal Apple has. Not entirely tho, just a bit XD

Bleucrunch3847d ago

yea they kinda have to because what are they gonna sell...I can see it now....."yo its your boy Bill Gates and come through to the M$ store we got "windows" for sales." LMAO!

Tempist3847d ago

I like how the article glazed over the one major component that will make it successful commercially. That being the Xbox 360. I think that will be a better staple than having a major Zune component.

Other than that, I can't see them filling the store with much else.

v1c1ous3847d ago

if they include 360 stuff in there :/

Spinner3847d ago

Sony Store = PS3/PSP/PS2 + PS3/PSP/PS2 games

Doubt it would hurt GS much

thewhoopimen3846d ago

ya i agree with you except I kinda think that the sony store also stocks, LCD TVs, DVD/Bluray players, Camcorders, Cameras, Walkmans, Sound Systems, digital recorders, headphones and a whole lot of Vaios off the top of my head. The PS3 is central but not that central to the whole Sony picture.

BigKev453847d ago

Yeah, I was going to say the same thing, they would have some X360 stuff
in there, yep.

Spinner3847d ago

they better have some good insurance ... fire insurance

Kakkoii3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )


Are Apple fanboy's going to throw Molotov cöcktails into the building?

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The story is too old to be commented.