Final Fantasy IV DS Dated For North America

Square Enix today announced that Final Fantasy IV DS, the re-envisioned remake of 1991's SNES classic, will hit retailers on July 22.

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PS360WII3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

“The visual upgrades are remarkable, and the plot has been enhanced with added detail and depth."

So which is it? added detail and depth or only 25% like I read earlier?

awesome non the less for I'll be picking this up ^^

I Call 9MM3845d ago

It's too bad this is only coming out on the DS. I'm sure there is a fanbase out there beyond just the DS that would like to play this game. I mean, it could also be released on the PSN or Xbox Live, and the PSP as well. Up the graphics a bit, HD resolutions, widescreen, would be very nice.

I've never liked remakes of classic games of this magnitude only coming out on a handheld device. It's almost like a downgrade in a way. Just like the remake of Mega Man X only coming out on the PSP. WTF, why can't we get that on Live or PSN? I'm not dissing the DS, but come on, 40+ hour game and it's only on the DS, seems like a waste really. I think this could do well on the more powerful platforms as well.