Nintendo steals tech for 3DS, gets the pants sued off

MWEB GameZone writer, Stephanie Duchenne, reporrts on the case of Seijiro Tomita, the inventor of the prototype that was used to create the Nintendo 3DS. He showed it to seven different Nintendo executives at a 2003 meeting. Four of these officials later went on to help develop the 3DS using patented 3D technology invented by Tomita, but without being polite and asking him first, resulting in Nintendo having to pay Tomita $15.1 million.

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HoldenZA2832d ago

One must always be polite and ask for permission before stealing!

Choc_Salties2832d ago

IP wars are going to just get worse and worse

Jdoki2832d ago

In general IP / patent wars are ridiculous. The whole Samsung vs Apple vs Google stuff is only making lawyers rich. Patent trolls are also pretty despicable and stifle innovation.

But this is a case of a win for the little guy, and exactly what patent protection should be about. You can't have a giant company steal from an inventor just because they know the little guy can't afford to go to court.

Plus Nintendo are a cash rich company (despite their recent losses). Appealing the outlay of 15million shows contemptible behaviour considering the amount they've made off the 3DS.

sdozzo2832d ago

Should be mods watching for article titles.