5 reasons why Sony won't lose the next-gen console war

No home console maker (excluding handhelds) has ever dominated three generations of video games. None. Is there a 10-year or two-term incumbent cycle in the biz? Game Daily doesn't think so offering an opinion piece on why Sony won't lose the next-gen war in terms of market share. From the article: "Despite [recent] setbacks and all the negative press the company has garnered over the last six or so months, when it's all said and done the PlayStation 3 will be No.1 worldwide, although not as dominant as the PS2 has been."

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Deceased4471d ago

You can thaw bagels and fry eggs on it!

Scythesean4471d ago

I believe that is you can't fry eggs but you can thaw a bagel on it. BTW atleast you don't have to worry about it burning down your house.

4471d ago
Scythesean4471d ago

"You sir are a donkey [email protected]! "

No that honor goes to the guy I used to work with in my last job. Oh wait is that you?

uxo224471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

Who cares who wins the so called Next-Gen war as long as we (the consumer) get some quality products from it. Neither Sony or M$ are paying any of my bills, so I say, keep competing, creating more innovative properties, and reducing prices. In the end, the winner of the Console war will be us!

frostbite064471d ago

You seriously might be able to thaw bagels on it though.

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Tut4471d ago

Yeah, thawing bagels will be useful for me and that is no joke.

Seriously though, that was a good recap of everything Sony so far. I know a bajillion "fanboys" will be flaming this first chance they get, but whatever they do it on every article.

They mentioned a lot of things that do set the PS3 apart from other consoles and it's father console, the PS2. I share the same opinions as they do but there are some factors that can come into play that would make things come to a different conclusion. I, for one, am extremely excited for 11/17. Not only because the PS3 releases but my birthday is three days later on the 20th! YEAH!!!

Anyway, good read but certainly nothing to grasp to as fact or prophecy. Still good though.

BIadestarX4471d ago

I said it before. The PS3 may still have more market share than microsoft in 2-3 years. But this does not mean they will be profitable. Or if they will have enough fuel for the next gen. Microsoft knows this is a long term thing. They being digging a hole on Sony's marketshares since the original xbox. It is a lot better to gain market share than to lose marketshare. Microsoft can only gain; thats makes it a success if you ask me. If microsoft get more marketshare this time arround and profit from it. And if Sony gets to profit from the PS3 even if they lose marketshare than everyone wins, they are happy, we are happy, and we all can look foward to see Sony and Microsoft competing again with the PS4 and the Xbox 720.

12Volt4471d ago

They being digging a hole on Sony's marketshares since the original xbox... not true.. since Halo. ;D

power of Green 4471d ago

Got to love these comfort articals. "Stay the course". Sony will be behind MS untill Xbox720, they just can't make the PS3 fast enough and even if Sony were able to cut the price of the PS3 soon enough MS's lineup will be to powerful to keep people from buying 360's. Then the PS3 will be out dated by the time it pulls ahead of the 360. lol

o0o ROZZA o0o4471d ago

We will just have to wait and see wont we. We can all keep guessing but that would be just guessing wouldnt it. The truth is we wont know who won this war until the next one starts in 5 yrs time when the next next gen consoles come out!

BrotherSic4471d ago

Maybe it wont be in 5 years time though, MS could easily afford to release consoles every 3 - 4 years. I could definatly see that happening if the 360 turns out to be as powerful as the PS3.

In terms of the article, i agree with the brand but not sure about slow sales of the 360, online ability or Blue ray points. These are all things that we cant really judge until the PS3 is released