Interview: Hiroaki Yura director ‘Project Phoenix’

Seldom in my life thus far have I had the honor to sit down and chat with someone of such a caliber of personality and conviction in all they do. Hiroaki Yura is one of those people and in his own right. He is the founder of the Eminence Symphony Orchestra, the Eminence Audio Production company, a violin virtuoso, and the founder of Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc. He has done numerous work in both the film and game industry with such notable game titles as Soul Calibur IV and Diablo III.

Mr. Hiroaki Yura: "When a character goes down I want a healer to pull them to a safe spot to heal them or have a tank come and shield them from any attacks to let the healer do his work. Time is also a factor when traveling in the world of Azurgard. A group or party member can not travel 300 kms in one day, it is physically impossible."

Implying this will be a very large world, which could be even bigger with certain stretch goals are met.

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DrakenSilverwing2832d ago

Realistic tatics, a large world to explore, wonderful music, i can't wait to see what more they have in store for this game in the future!

Timesplitter142831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

seriously considering making a donation on their kickstarter now...

An artbook + soundtrack for this game sounds great

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Im going to drop 60 bucks on it. I have never wanted to donate to a kickstarter game as much as i want to for Project Phoenix. I absolutely love everything about what they want to do for this game and they have one of my favorite video game composers working on it which makes me incredibly excited.

DrakenSilverwing2831d ago

Thats exactly how i felt when i first saw it i never backed anything before on kickstarter till this. i have watched and followed stuff before but nothing as epic as this!

SilverSieryu2831d ago

Thats exactly what i got and i know its going to be worth it! if i had more money i'd get the autographed version and all that it comes with but.. sadly i'm broke now!