Payday 2 Review (MasonicGamer) The premise is simple; you break into places and make money in return. The missions can include you robbing banks, busting up a mall, breaking into an apartment to plant evidence, holding up stores and I’ve not got anywhere near playing all of them. Armed with some guns and other tools of your nefarious trade you, alongside up to three accomplices, are given a briefing, the options to purchase some helpful items, your choice of loadout and are dropped into the scenario. I chose one on normal difficulty, looked at the intel and hit ready.

The first scenario dropped me outside a small bank with the task of breaking into the vault and raiding the safety deposit boxes. I started off playing single player, just to get a feel for the mechanics and see how the game would run. Let me walk you through my first Payday 2 experience.

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everyone seems to be giving this game an 8, Id suggest putting review in the title.