Splinter Cell Blacklist Review | 4Players

4Players: "In its best moments, Blacklist is a welcome return to the roots of the series. On top it gives you more options on how to solve the missions, from Rambo to lightning fast killer to ghost. Unfortunately Sam is too powerful – at the expense of atmosphere and suspense."

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memots2279d ago

Need to make it harder like Demon Soul or Dark Soul. I does ad tension and suspense.

this games looks great, picking it on pc on the first sale i find.

starchild2279d ago

Yeah, I'm getting the PC version too. It's going to be another one of those high end multiplats (like Tomb Raider, Metro Last Light, Far Cry 3, etc) that looks far better on the PC than on the consoles.

It has a full directX 11 rendering engine with graphical features the console versions don't support, such as tessellation, parallax mapping, advanced ambient occlusion and contact hardening shadows. It's going to look amazing on PC.

Here is a video of the PC version: