Call of Duty: Ghosts and Genders. Who Cares?

USgamer: "Call of Duty: Ghosts will let players shoot like a girl if they want to. And here's why that matters."

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Bigpappy2289d ago

This is a good thing for COD. Ghost Recon had them for years.

Killa782289d ago

I don't think this makes a difference really. I never really paid attention to the people I killed/killed me on cod.

But I guess an extra can't be bad for us consumers.

MiasmaDodo2289d ago

I love it.

I will be stabbing, shooting, and blowing up Male/Female soldiers on my PS4. sounds like a fun time!

USA0072289d ago

Don't forget t-bagging

MiasmaDodo2289d ago

maybe day 1 on PS4 (with Tbaggin)

I will be on a gaming high IDK what Ill do


robotgargoyle2289d ago

I'm definitely for "equality" in fraggin'.

How long till some nutjob throws a fit about "violence against women"?

_LarZen_2289d ago

Female gamers care. And I care, because I like females... :P

TwistedMetal2289d ago

female gamers don't care they choose the guy characters so they don't get sexuall harassed. the only people who choose the femal characters are non straight guys and guys who want you to take it easy on them because the lack the skills required to win. thy know when you see a woman character you will not shoot.

_LarZen_2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Oh I don't know about that. Most female COD players I have encountered have bone in their noses.

And I would encourage female gamers to pick a female avatar and report all who harass them.

That shit need to get hit down hard on.

vivid832289d ago

I have no problem shooting at or stabbing a female avatar if she's shooting and stabbing me

_LarZen_2289d ago

I'll stab your back if you stab one sec...