The new look Xbox One is a marketer's nightmare

Digitally Downloaded writes: "The Xbox One would never have won over everyone, but it would have found an audience of advocates of its own. Now, though, it's doing exactly the same thing as the PlayStation 4 and the only point of differentiation between the two will be the software and exclusives. It's not sustainable - it didn't really work to anyone's benefit this generation, and it won't in the next either."

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black0o2279d ago

MS had a golden chance with DRM rumors and the #dealWithIt story, they could easy won everyOne on the revel of x1 and make eveyone forget them on the tV/sport if they just did what sony did at E3

805Junior8052278d ago

Your comment makes absolutely no sense.

black0o2278d ago

before the revel the xbox1 already had a bad bad PR, if they just listened back then ...

Septic2278d ago

The worst thing is, Microsoft are the ones who shot themselves in the foot...several times. Sony just sailed by laughing.

nix2278d ago

what he is saying is MS got enough clues and backlashes even before the announcement but they ignored it completely...

and couple of months later here we are doing 180.

Kryptix2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

And they had Sony's February reveal to take notes of. While Sony's focus for the PS4 in the reveal was all about games, the Xbox One was the complete opposite talking about TV. Microsoft could of taken the PS4 reveal, all the reactions to leaks and rumors, Adam Orth's Twitter incident, and all the fans' suggestions to form a very well presented Xbox One reveal. It's like Microsoft have no senses, they had their terrible battle plan and they stuck with it. Honestly, Microsoft had the advantage to doing something better presentation wise but they were like kids that do their homework in the last minute. End result is that the Xbox One is similar to the PS4, but Microsoft has no vision. They don't know what the fans want or what they want to give to their fans. They have the Kinect that they never showed what the benefits are to having it. They talked about the cloud but they never showed how it's a game changer. They presented the Illumiroom, with the projection screen on top of your TV but have not talked about it since then. Microsoft had the cards, but they didn't showed them right. Like David Blaine, they had the magic, but they're actually just illusions that got exposed. The PS4 is going to be the leading console next gen for a majority. Sony were and are prepared, they didn't swim in their pride this time and caught Microsoft off guard. The Xbox One is a rushed console and it's starting to show.

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bjmartynhak2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Yeah, the Internet was in a hurricane after that Sony DRM patent that would write over the Blu-ray discs.

MS should have taken that chance for listening the consumers.

Cupid_Viper_32278d ago

You're correct, when that patent news came out, everyone was up in arms wanted to if Sony would actually implement that in the PS4.

But I think that all MS saw was that Sony was about to beat them to the punch and cash in on a moneygrab practice. So instead of seeing the outrage they saw it as an encouragement to press on with their own DRM and other stupid ideas. (my opinion)

I think the Xbox One will sell just fine in North America and in the UK, but I don't see them reaching even Xbox 360 numbers unless they manage to be cheaper than the PS4.

At the same price, I think most will still choose the PS4. So the only way I see them matching the Xbox 360 numbers is by being cheaper, and also having no widespread hardware issue. Keep in mind that this time they're not going to have any headstarts, and hopefully not many people rebuying new consoles because their first or second ones broke down.

Seafort2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

The only reason the Xbox360 did well in the UK was because it was out a year+ before the PS3 at a cheaper price.

The UK was a Playstation dominant country before that with the PS1 and 2.

The UK will support the PS4 this time around especially since the double dip recession has everyone watching what they spend their money on. £80 difference is a lot of money to most people in the UK atm.

I think the only place the Xbox180 will sell well is the US as it has always done but Sony has gained a lot of respect from their attitude towards gamers and the indie scene.
MS, on the other hand, has not.

iamnsuperman2279d ago

I think the big thing Microsoft needs to think about is what is the most important part of their console and advertise that. At the moment "TV" is too much of a focus when people who buy these system (even more relevant in the first year) buy them for the games. The multimedia stuff is always the extra things you don't mind but really are not swayed by.

What they need to do is get their systems on the TV showing good looking explosions mixed with a few family games which could show off the Kinect in a different way than before (I still think the Kinect has lost the WOW factor with this crowd) and this will sell the system.

The DVR/TV stuff is never a focus for people buying a console. This is even more relevant when the console doesn't remove the need for the cable box. This stuff needs to be seen as after thought to the primary function of a games console.

colonel1792278d ago

They threw everything out of the window! Microsoft had a chance to have a different product than competitors, but by not approaching things correctly, they destroyed everything the Xbox One was meant to be. After all the reversals they have done, it seems like they will advertise the Xbox One as the machine that does everything the PS4 does, and nothing more.

They had to take the risk of doing their own stuff. Even with Kinect, they had at least something that could sand out, but now they don't even require it. The Xbox One seems now like a 360 sequel, instead of an innovative device with its own ideas on how to improve gaming.

I was completely against DRM and all the policies they had announced, but that was the way it was supposed to be, and if they had announced the Xbox differently, everything would have stayed the same, but in a successful manner.

dark-hollow2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

I don't see the problem in advertising the media capabilities of the xbone. When people buy consoles, playing games is given (although the quality of games varies from console to another but lets leave this subject to later) it's like if apple introduced a new ad for iPhones showing people only making phone calls. We know that, people buy phones to make calls and text, now show us what your system can do more. You could argue that using the phones as an analogy is a flawed argument as almost all phones does calling and texting in the same way, while as I said, consoles differ in their library of games and ways of playing those said games, but that doesn't mean you have to exclude on or the other in your marketing campaign. In fact, Sony mixed both with their "it only does everything" marketing campaign for the ps3 which implied that the ps3 not only have great games, but it capable of a lot of things from media consumption to browsing the internet etc. and it was quite successful.

iamnsuperman2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

I disagree with the phone analogy as phones have become much more just by through a society demand for them (gaming hasn't and will not unless it can truly do everything or be mega portable as well as doing everything).

Unless you phone is really bad a calling or is really good then it will not be called out. This is vastly different from game consoles as people buy consoles for how a game looks. Games are varied in quality as every game isn't the same. Which is why games need to take a focus. People assume consoles play games but they need to know how it is going to be supported, if they are any good, extra new gaming things...... Different from phones.

At launch you need to advertise the games/gaming abilities as gamers buy first. After a year or two the rest (those more interested in TV functionality) pick up a console which is when you can then advertise the other functions (go the "it only does everything" route). But people will buy a console which is persevered to be popular which is where we come in.

It could be argued the Wii went against the rule (gamers buy it first) and it could be applied here but in that case accessibility trumped us. The problem is non of these new consoles are any more accessible as the PS3/360 which is why gaming needs to be advertised above all else at first

edit: I stupidly left out the reason why smart phones took off. We have had smart phones for longer than people think. They never took off because they were a pain to use. It wasn't until a proper multi-touch touch screen that it really took off. It is all about connivance. Checking emails on the go is far easier and more convenient to do on a phone now than on a laptop.... It is how technology takes off. The Xbox one still requires a set top box to play TV. It isn't really any more convenient which is why they shouldn't advertise it as much as they are doing right now

iceman062278d ago

The difficulty in advertising the multimedia capabilities is simple. Some of the core will fell alienated. Much as when the PS3 announced it's multimedia capabilities and was constantly derided for being "just a Blu-Ray player". It was a known commodity that it had enough games. (good or not is subjective) Point being that it suffered due to "lack of identity" and not being as "hardcore gamer" friendly as the Xbox. The media jumped all over this and carried this well into middle of this generation. The funny thing is that, after the reveal, Sony focused solely on games. Blu-ray was just a bullet point in a commercial. The original slogan was Play B3yond. It wasn't until later that they actually embraced the idea of "It Only Does Everything".
What I am saying is, much like Iamnsuperman, that it wasn't being marketed to the mass market consumer as a entertainment device until after it was marketed to the core as a gaming system first. Dual marketing, if you will, is a double-edged sword. Appeal to the mass market and the core feel alienated. Appeal to the core and the mass market don't feel like they are the key demographic. Appeal to both and risk the dilution of you message.

dark-hollow2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Let me ask you this, what the chances of the core audience not knowing what kind of games the console will offer compared to the masses not knowing what the console can do beside gaming? And besides, you can't do the games justice with an ad that is focusing on the console itself. A couple of brief montages of gameplay videos and that's it, and that is not enough for the core audience to get excited for the gaming aspect of the console, while media capabilities can be summed briefly in the console ad without taking too much time on tv to give it it justice. That's why there are individual ads that focus solely on one game while you RARELY will find an ad taking about one non gaming feature of a certain console only.

kingdip902278d ago

Actually the phone analogy is a good one but not for the reasons dark-hollow points out.

Recently I saw an article on here saying how kinect can pretty much turn *any* surface into a touch pad. Basically kinects forced inclusion is microsofts attempt to turn the tv in to a tablet pc experience, that's likely why it uses a form of windows 8 as its a tablet based software program. Its like some guy at microsoft saw how popular tablets had become and said "xbox should be that for the living room" I'm sure they figured tablet pc's sell for upwards of 500 bucks so xbox's price point would justify itself.

It would make sense if tablet pc's and cell phones were not such a private, single user friendly experience. The living room usually serves an audience and watching someone else flip through screens on the rather large tv in my living room would be nauseating at best.

These backtracks show that their logic was miscalculated

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No_Limit2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )


"The DVR/TV stuff is never a focus for people buying a console. This is even more relevant when the console doesn't remove the need for the cable box."

I am lost at that statement. If a DVR/TV is never a focus for people buying a console, like you said, then why does it matter if a Cable box is required or not?

iamnsuperman2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

I am trying (obviously unsuccessfully sorry) to point out that my point is more valid when the need for a cable box isn't removed. I think DVR is never a focus (note the word focus) for people buying a console (more of a side thought). Others argue against that but my point is more valid when it doesn't remove a system already in place. People have cable already which is why it isn't a main focus. There is more of an argument to be made if the need for a cable box is removed and that side thought becomes more important but still not the main focus. I should have put the word main their. I hope that explains things

HugoDrax2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Well here's a bit of information. I know for a fact today Microsoft are having a casting call for a commercial involving the XB1. How do I know you might ask? Lets just say I have a friend who has an audition, she's not a gamer, shes's an actress, she's 27 years of age, and want's an XB1 just because she can control her tv with her voice hahaha!

What I'm saying is, only the core audience gives a damn about the reversals or 180. The mass market does not care because they have other hobbies. Microsoft being Microsoft, will market the hell out of the XB1 from all angles. I can see it now, every TV series, movie trailer, sporting event, you will see an XB1 advertisement.

So yeah, there are people who will buy an XB1 for entertainment purposes rather they have cable or not. I for one am a gamer, and I'm apart of the core audience. Still that doesn't mean that I don't watch HULUPLUS, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and HBO GO on my X360 and PS3. I'd say I game 40% of the time and the other 60% I'm watching a movie or tv. Or maybe I'm just getting tired of this current gen? Who knows, but I do know I'll personally be enjoying the gaming and entertainment features of both my PS4 and XB1 consoles.

thrust2278d ago

Another doom doom doom for the xbox one, they get alot of hit from the playstation people.

FlunkinMonkey2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Yea because the Xbox 'people' are never in Playstation articles right?

EDIT: I pressed agree instead of disagree.. ironically.

gaelic_laoch2278d ago

Is that maybe because the Xbone fans have their heads is the sand?

The Xbone will succeed but there is no getting away from the fact the M$ ballsed up mucho big time!

MattS2278d ago

Another N4G user who can't read beyond the headline!

The Meerkat2278d ago

The only way I can see MS getting back into the race at this point would be to do something monumentally crazy like buying Activision or EA.

pompombrum2278d ago

Or cross their fingers and hope their Marketing department is better than their PR one.

torchic2278d ago

Marketing & PR dudes work together.

ginsunuva2278d ago

Lol. Marketing majors.

Don't expect them to do anything harder than finger-painting.

Kydawg2278d ago

They did everything backwards. E3 should have been about games, Only games. Then when PS4 said "were buying Viacom" M$ should have said, "well we're introducing cable/kinect integration. Too late now though. Half the battle is timing and how you present your product to consumers, and M$ epically failed on both.

No_Limit2278d ago

"E3 should have been about games, Only games"

That is what MS did at E3, all games an no TV talk. Did you missed the memo?

Kydawg2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

I'm confused because the E3 I watched streaming online had M$ talking about kinect and how it would revolutionize the way people would watch TV through their cable providers. Oh, then there was the part about the NFL being a whole extra add-on. You know, fantasy football with live updates and all that. Maybe I dreamt the whole thing? Playstation talked way more about games then M$ ever did, with no excessive additional TV nonsense. BTW, oh crap, Just got the memo from Don Mattrick. He says do him a favor and buy a Playstation.
P.S. you can thank Playstation when you can buy used Xbot Dumb games for half price on Amazon a few months after they're released.

green2278d ago

Go and watch E3 again. You must be mistaking the X1 unveiling which happened in May for E3. E3 was and only about games.

Ryse, Forza 5, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, Crimson Dragon, D3, Quantum Break, Below etc were all shown at Microsoft E3 conference.

pompombrum2278d ago

Actually that was one of the biggest problems with Microsoft's E3, it was only about the games and they chose to ignore and refused to address concerns at their conference.

I agree though that it's about timing and presenting your product. Microsoft wanted to move away from being seen as a games console and that's why they unveiled their product and focused mainly on entertainment features at their original unveiling. Bad move imho and it's costing them.

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