Five Potential Reasons Why People Are Excited for Grand Theft Auto V Online

Unlike seemingly everyone else, Gamers Association editor Luke Frazier isn't into the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Still, he couldn't help but notice the fervor ignited by today's Grand Theft Auto Online gameplay video. In response, Luke sought to discover why everyone is so excited for it.

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Snookies121891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Because it's Grand Theft Auto V...? Online?

That's the only reason I need.

xHeavYx1891d ago

Five? That video they showed have me a ton of reasons to be excited

Septic1891d ago

Lol....five reasons. Here are mine (pasted from a failed submission):

* Massive sandbox world
* Highly refined shooting elements/cover system
* Racing sections in the game look like a fully fledged game! Like Midnight Club
* Modifying your vehicles
* Spending money earned on character customisation
* Structured missions to play with your crew
* A whole myriad of different vehicles like, motorbikes dirt bikes, planes, helicopters, jets, bicycles (ALL with their own unique control methods)
* Parachuting
* Custom mission/world editor
* Standard deathmatch and other modes
* Stock market to make investments!
* Spectator mode so you can watch your mates running from the cops on the TV in your apartment!
* Oh and this:

"“Suddenly, a Rockstar developer sat next to us starts chatting into his headset and his on-screen character does the same, lip-synching broadly in time.”"

Rockstar, head and shoulders above everyone else. If they can make legends like Kojima ree-evalutate their game, you know these guys are good.

SchwoererBear1891d ago

@Septic I know GTAV will deliver soley because Kojima gave it praise. I can only hope that MGSV carries over some sandbox methods that GTAV has

snipab8t1891d ago

There are a Googleplex of reasons why I am excited for GTA V and Online.

Deios1891d ago

The possibilities are endless. I wonder if we can scuba dive in the online version also.

xdye0171891d ago

The submarine can be seen in the GTA online trailer so it may be possible

killcole1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

The lead dev said they're looking into adding the underwter aspect into GTA O post release. So I guess that either means, no you can't OR that you can but there won't be anything to do. Post release I assume they'll add mission based content down their. Like a scuba diving mini game.

If you want to find out more or less EVERYTHING that is 100% confirmed, set aside an hour and a half or so, and check out CVG's GTA V O Clock podcast (most recent) and have a read through their interview with the lead dev as well as their write up on a 50 minute screening they had on the online gameplay. The podcast should cover the highlights but yeah. It's all there via CVG.

Agent_hitman1891d ago

GTA online is very exciting cause you and your friends can do a lot online and is not limited compare to GTA IV online.

andrewsqual1891d ago

Don't even care about the single player lol. The only thing I took from this is that they are going to waste more years of development time on this game. Just move onto Bully 2 please or Manhunt 3.

rigbybot1271891d ago

Yes, we definitely need a Manhunt 3, though this'll gladly hold me over while I wait for that to happen. Also, where is Agent? :(