More Details Emerge about the “Sequel” to the Spectacular Persona 4: Arena

We’ve just learned that Arc System Works and Atlus’ phenomenal fighter Persona 4: Arena is getting an update so significant that Famitsu is calling it an outright sequel. Location tests for this new version of the game are happening as we speak (since it already is August 16th in Japan) at Hey in Akihabara and at Osaka’s Taito Station.

Twitter is aflame with fans tweeting new details about the game, some of which I’ve compiled below

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maniacmayhem1916d ago

I wouldn't say "spectacular" but it was good.

How about a new Persona for my consoles?

booni31916d ago

You wouldn't but I certainly would.

And I think Atlus has something Persona related up their sleeves. I expect something to be said at Gamescom and if not certainly at TGS.

AirJohnston1916d ago

I just beat P4G. It was the first Persona game I've ever played and it's definitely one of my favorite games of all time now. I would love a P5

Hicken1916d ago

Who cares what you would say? Why the hell even comment?

I'm looking forward to it. ASW has turned the small spark that was my like of fighting games(Rival Schools was pretty much it) into a blazing inferno of love, thanks to BlazBlue and P4A. More from either franchise would be awesome, in my book.

maniacmayhem1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Whoa there cowboy, time to take those pills Hicken.

I comment because I care. I'm glad that your little spark for fighting games has been ignited. P4:A was a good game for its first outing.

wishingW3L1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

the game died really fast both online and on tournaments. And yeah, as a fighting game it was nothing special beside the fact that it was based on the Persona 4 universe.

Apoca1ypse1916d ago

You must be playing on the Xbox, everybody knows you need to be playing on the play station for true competition for fighters.

Dagobert1916d ago

It's not a sequel, it's just an updated Persona 4 Arena. Apparently that's a new fad with fighting games where they release it and then a few months later add 2 more characters and release it again.

penpen41916d ago

At least they waited almost a year with this one. If they add more story elements that connect it to Persona 5 then I will be all over it.

Abriael1916d ago

Famitsu used the word "sequel", which is why it's beetween airquotes.

gamerben1916d ago

You can't "airquote" without fingers. Those are just regular ol' quotes :P

Your comment is still valid. I'm just bein' picky.

Blacklash931916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Enhanced versions of relatively recent releases... Something Atlus and Arc Systems have in common. :P

It's hardly a new thing for fighting games, though. Most big franchises of the genre coming out of Japan have been doing this for ages. Street Fighter is the most well-known expample.

savaroth1916d ago

If you don't like those policies, don't buy the products. If enough people think that way it will end. Or just wait a bit to buy the enchanced version.

iMaim1916d ago

"You do not have permission to preview drafts"
Do people check submissions anymore?

rdgneoz31916d ago

Yah, can't even view the article and yet there are a bunch of comments already arguing about it :P

kratoz12091916d ago

Please be an update or DLC i just paid 89AUS
on release date here in Australia

BlaqMagiq241916d ago

My hype for this game is shooting back up again. I seriously thought ArcSys was done with this game then they surprise me with this. Them sly dogs.