Hands on: 'CoD: Ghosts' multiplayer feels polished, but frantically familiar | Digital Trends

Digital Trends: "Infinity Ward might have perfected Call of Duty’s progression-driven hook in the first Modern Warfare game, but the series earned a reputation for smooth, blazingly fast competitive multiplayer even before then with the earlier World War II-set games. Call of Duty: Ghosts seems to carry the speedy dynamic forward with tweaks to the core experience that focus on upping the fun factor without sacrificing any of the accessibility. The community… well, that’s another story."

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VENOMACR2285d ago

Maybe it's just me, but the graphics didn't WOW me at all compared to Battlefield, Titanfall, Metal Gear, Forza, etc etc. The game looked better but I was disappointed in the graphics. Gameplay basically looks the same as all previous COD, just some enhancements.

Next-gen games I want to look and feel like next-gen. The COD multiplayer just didn't do it for me.

golding892285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

I completely agree. to me it seems like same old COD games..but maybe up close and personal on Xbox one and ps4 I might notice the difference but gameplay videos don't do anything for me. We shall see.

solidworm2285d ago

Does some clown in a suit from Activision turn up at I.W on the first morning and say... "Dont dare add a thing you fkers" ? No wonder people bash on this game. COD is like chart music...SAFE, HOMOGENIZED, and predictable mulch for the dumb breast fed masses of casuals out there.

thezeldadoth2285d ago

Almost every game you guys play that has been announced for ps4 and xbox one will be the same, good graphics but familiar gameplay, yet you'll only bash CoD for it because thats whats cool now for you hardcore gamers.

gaelic_laoch2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Those COD Ghost graphics would not warrant an upgrade to an Xbone/PS4. Those kids intending on going next Gen should save Santa the hassle and just pick up a current gen copy!

Or if their voices have started to break and they have started to get interested in girls maybe go for BF4 next gen!