Xbox Live Indie Games in Crisis, Broken Sales Data Leaves Popular Games Off Dashboard

Microsoft provides an efficient way for indie developers to publish their games to a large audience through the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace. At least that is the theory. XBLIG’s long road has been laden with problems, and the recent sales number update issue has certainly hurt many indie games while Microsoft has yet to act publicly.

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Belking1978d ago

Stop making crappy games, indies. It's your own fault. if you make a decent game people will buy it.

Roper3161978d ago

stop making excuses for MS and their crappy treatment of indie devs.

LeCreuset1978d ago

"With the sales not updating properly, developers that should be making this list are not, and thus their sales are remaining lower than they normally would be. This is leading to some developers holding off releasing their game until the issue is resolved."

GiantEnemyCrab1978d ago

I was going to say the same thing Belking. These indie games are %99 garbage. Just because you can make a game doesn't mean it is worth selling. MS has had Indie on Xbox for years and I can count the good games on 2 hands.

Belking1978d ago

They also had free publishing too. A lot of people think ps4 did it first but they are wrong.

redcar1211978d ago

move to sony they need all the games they can get

Roper3161978d ago

when was the last new first party core IP from MS? And Same question when was the last new first party core IP from Sony?

So who needs the games again???

redcar1211977d ago

Sony games are boring im sorry so dull the only 1 I like is heavy rain when that man opens the door and say what do u want a hole best part of game

OhMyGandhi1978d ago

redcar, you crack me up.

saint_seya1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Actually agreeded with u redcar121, u think you are trolling but u know what, they will, and so will the big publishers too.. then ull see how u will begging for em to come back..