How Stabbing Women in CoD: Ghosts Makes Us Feel

IGN - The Unlocked crew talks about the Call of Duty: Ghosts reveal and how seeing a woman stabbed in a realistic multiplayer game made them feel.

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jessupj2287d ago

The very fact this subject was brought up offends me greatly.

Fortunately it's pleasing to hear most women talking about this issue have sensible views.

It seems mostly that the white knights are getting sand in their vagina about this.

TomShoe2287d ago

Stabbing a woman in CoD will feel the same as when I stab a man. It'll feel awesome.

Equality for all.

W34KN35S2287d ago

I agree as well im already sick of these articles.... its all a game none of it is real , i wish people could just enjoy it for what it is and not blow it out of proportion. male or female who cares..the only article i wanna see about a female character in Ghost is how we have more freedom to customize our characters, everything else is more drama n nonsense

TekoIie2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

People need to understand context here. Your are not stabbing a woman. You are stabbing an enemy combatant.

Its ok for violence of any sort in entertainment as long as there's context... There's probably a limit but it depends greatly.

iiwii2287d ago

Been killing women characters in games for years. Anyone who has played some of the older games like Unreal Tournament (1999) already know that if you don't take that woman player out first, she will have no mercy on you. Equality for all. Bring it Ladies.

Only thing is, I know that guys will pick those characters and try to taunt you because you are getting p0wnd by a girl. It's an age old strategy.

1OddWorld2287d ago

Couldn't agree with you more. It isn't even a talking point. Seems a little sexist to me, like they don't want women in there game. There all sitting there acting super sensitive to the subject. The girl is not bothered by it at all, because now she gets to own these three delicate flowers as a chick in game.

It's a game of kill or be killed. Give me a brick and I will cave her head in.

nick3092287d ago

And stubbing men is ok? Wow those articles are so odd.

Donnieboi2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

They are inadvertently trying to turn women into "damsels in distress" by even suggesting that they should get an exemption. If it's war, being stabbed, shot, etc are concerns you have to face. Is it okay for the female character to stab males? This is a rediculously demeaning topic for women to assume that they should be protected and treated like mindless, defenseless little newborns.

If a female soldier pointed a gun in my face and all I had was a knife, she's getting stabbed if the opportunity presents itself. Same for a dude soldier. War isn't some pampered beauty spa. It's violence. And any woman who is a soldier understands that.

Thatguy-3102287d ago

Just having women for the sake of having them is stupid overall. I want a studio to come out and make a war game that pulls the heart strings and has a strong narrative.

Feralkitsune2287d ago

Spec Ops the Line has a very strong narrative.

ginsunuva2287d ago

Too bad it's not theirs, it's Joseph Conrad's.

spoonard2287d ago

Why should I only be stabbing men? Why not women and children too? It's a video game, not real life. We should be able to stab who we want.

Auron2287d ago

I want to stab sharks.

kornbeaner2287d ago

These people are ass-backwards. Women are out there in the real battle field being shot at. Why, even in a imagery world should they not be represented? Not only MEN die in War jerks, Women die too.

OneAboveAll2287d ago

Yes but most women aren't on the front line. In USA anyways.

Godlovesgamers2287d ago

And how would you know that exactly?

sincitysir12287d ago

They will be seeing as a law was passed that woman must now be on the field alongside men. I Shud know my
Friends a marine

TekoIie2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Women are on the frontlines. I think the only place women arent in the military are special forces.

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