Bethesda Advertises The Evil Within on an SUV in Germany

"Apparently there is an SUV with a rather large The Evil Within ad on its side. "Das Böse Ergreift Besitz 2014" is written underneath the title, which is a translation of the game's tagline "Evil Takes Hold 2014", this marketing push may have something to do with the fact that the The Evil Within will have another gameplay presentation at GamesCom, which will take place at Cologne, Germany."

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Axisian2284d ago

Bit too early for advertising, no? Not coming till somewhere in 2014.

Still, I hope this one won't bomb, mikami deserves a hit!

Pozzle2284d ago

It's good to get the word out there, even if it is a bit early. lol

I hope it doesn't bomb too. I'm pretty excited for this game!

Rikitatsu2284d ago

I thought Germany was pretty strict when it comes to violence and gore, and The Evil Within looks extremely gory from what I've seen. I hope the game won't run into troubles releasing there...

Passenger2284d ago

I think it wont get released in Germany because of its explicit violence, but it´ll be released in Austria (same language, import-taxes = Zero) :)

Biohazard88602276d ago

Ive been dying for gameplay too, but sadly yet again it's behind closed doors -__-, this is getting a bit silly all we got are screenshots and a live action trailer that tells us really nothing. But i hear they will be a the tokyo game show.